SOCIETY, TECHNOLOGYAND MISSIONS STM 560 URBAN RESEARCH AND MIN­ ISTRIES (3) The use of social science techniques to . learn about the people, needs and oppor­ tunities for evangelism in the city. STM 561 TOPICS IN APPLIED CULTUR­ AL ANTHROPOLOGY (3) Application of anthropological insights to cross cultural problems. Emphasis on: mar­ riage customs, leadership patterns, political relations, indigenous movements, culture change, worldview, etc. Prerequisite: 300 or 640. STM 562 CULTURE CHANGE (3) The study of how cultures change, the dynamics and processes of change, the place of change agents and the speed and intensity of change. Implications of such processes are examined in social, political, economic and religious aspects of society. STM 570 INTRODUCTION TO BIBLE TRANSLATION (2 or 3) An introduction to the pr inciples and problems of intercultural communication with special emphasis on translating the Bi­ ble into indigenous languages.

ICS 60 I CONTEMPORARYANTHRO­ POLOGICAL THEORY (3) Explores the key theoretical perspectives employed in cultural anthropology today to critically evaluate their utility for cross cultural research. Topics include Cultural Materialism, Structuralism, Functionalism, Transaction and Process, Cultural Ecology, Political Economy, etc. The course will examine the relationships between anthropological theory, problem definition, research strategy and method­ ology, data collection and analysis, and gen­ eralization and application. Students will learn how to conduct substantive qualita­ tive and quantitative research, including the use of existing computer programs for data analysis. Prerequisite: 60 I ICS 606 NATURE OF ANTHROPO­ LOGICAL INQUIRY (4) ICS 610 LINGUISTICS AND THE BIBLE I (3) An introduction to the principles of Bible Translation, with special attention being given to the problems of lexical equiv­ alence in translating from Greek into indig­ enous languages Prerequisite: Greek and/ or Descriptive Linguistics. ICS 621 INTRODUCTION TO SOCIOLI NGUISTICS (3) Study of the interrelationships of language and society in areas such as folklore, worldview, bilingualism, personality, classifi­ cations and other topics. ICS 622 INTERCULTURAL COMMUNI ­ CATION (3) Pr inciples and processes of communicating from one culture to anc,ther. Focus on dif­ ferent perceptions, ways of thinki ng, val­ ues, non-verbal expression, language ex­ pression and sub-groups within a culture as they relate to the media and the message ICS 705 SEMIOTICS (3) Study of systems of symbols or "signs", ex­ amination of structures underlying cultural activity from fundamental level of ind ivid­ ual sign creation to more complex sys­ tems. Prerequisite: 51 6.

ICS 706 IDEOLOGICAL CONFLICT (3) A study of Marxism and other such ideologies and the conf1ict these generate in the world in educational, religious and political aspects of culture. ICS 7 10 LINGUISTICS AND THE BIBLE II (3) Advanced lexical equivalence problems in­ volved in translat ing from Greek into Indig­ enous languages. Introductory consider­ ations of discourse involved in Bible Trans­ lation. Prerequisite: ICS 610. ICS 721 TOPICS IN SOCIOLINGUISTICS (3) The methodologies of cognitive studies and cognitive styles are probed for value in encountering members of a distinctive cul­ ture or subculture and implication for Bible translation. Prerequisite 520 or 621. ICS 761 SEX ROLES IN OTHER SOCI­ ETIES (3) The dynamics of male and female roles in Western, non-Western and biblical cul­ tures. Focus on responsibilities, obligations, expectations, leaderships and interrelation­ ships as they relate to the society as a whole. HISTORY AND THEOLOGY OF MISSION HTM 540 PRINCIPLES OF CHURCH PLANTING (3) A study of the biblical mandate to establish local churches among all of the peoples making up mankind. Special emphasis on intercultural church planting among the unreached peoples of Asia, Africa, Latin America and the ethnic minorities of the western world. HTM 546 HISTORY OF THE EXPAN­ SION OF CHRISTIANITY (3) The background, origin, development and spread of the Christian faith from the apostolic period until today. Emphasis will be given to the modern era, especially contemporary growth dynamics in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

HTM 550 CHRISTIANITY AND CUL­ TURE (3) Anthropology approach to Christian the­ ologizing; interrelationships between supracultural Chritianity and human cul­ tures. Focus on conversion, revelation, communication, transformation, indigeneity and other related topics. The nature of Christian outreach: a study of principles, history, and methodology of worldwide missions. HTM 556 WORLD RELIGIONS (2) The distinctive features of the historical ethnic religions, with special emphas is on their comparison and encounter with Christianity and their bearings upon mis­ sionary strategies. HTM 555 INTRODUCTION TO WORLD MISSIONS (2) HTM 640 CULTURAL ANTHROPOLO­ GY FOR MISSIONARIES (2) The nature of man and his culture, special emphasis on intercultural communication of the Gospel. HTM 655 CONTEMPORARY THEOL­ OGY OF MISSION (3) An overview and critique of the various theologies of mission advocated by various branches of the Church down through the centuries, beginning with Edinburgh 191 0 to the liberation theology debate of our day. HTM 742 HISTORY OF MISSIONS (3) The background, development and spread of Christianity through world missions; geographical thrusts, growth dynamics and church structures. HTM 75 I THEOLOGY OF MISSION (2 or 3) An analysis of the tensions within the Church focusing around the mission of the Church in the contemporary world with an attempt to formulate a biblical-contem­ porary expression of the theology of the Church's mission in light of those tensions.


STM 581 JEWISH LIFE AND EVANGEL­ ISM (3) The cultural and religious patterns of the contemporary Jewish life and their signifi­ cance i,, evangelism.


A basic understanding of church growth concepts as related both to the local con­ gregations and to the task of worldwide evangelization, with due emphasis on the Church Growth school of thought.


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