Warm Biola University basks in the warm sunshine of southern California and is located in the friendlycommunity of La Mirada, approximately 20 miles south of Los Angeles (lOmiles north of Anaheim-Disneyland). While sur­ rounded by cultural and recreational opportunities of amajor cosmopolitan metropolis , the 95 acre campus is situ­ ated in aquiet suburban setting. The mild mediterranean climate of coastal southern California is conducive to year­ round outdoor activities from surfing local beaches to snow skiing nearby mountains. Los Angeles averages 325 days of sunshine per year with an aver­ age rainfall of 15 inches. Professional Biola University is comprised of four schools: the School of Art, Sciences and Professions, Talbot Theological Semi­ nary and School of Theology, Rosemead School of Psychology and the School of Intercultural Studies and World Mis­ sions. All are regionally and profession­ ally accredited and based on evangelical Christianity. The university offers three baccalaureate degrees in 24 majors, 14 masters, and four doctoral degrees.

Biblical Studies and Theology (B.A.) Bible

Humanities (B.A.) Classical Studies Communication English Foreign Language History Literature Philosophy

Public Administration (B.S.) Interdisciplinary Secondary Education

New Testament Old Testament Pre-Seminary

Psychology (B.A.)

Biological Science (B.S.) Medical Technology Pre-Medical Secondary Education

Recreation and Camp Administration (B.S.) Social Science (B.A.) History Public Administration/Political Science Sociology Interdisciplinary Secondary Education

lntercultural Studies (B.A.) lntercultural Studies Missions Interdisciplinary Secondary Education

Business Administration (B.S.) Accounting Computer Information Management Marketing Secondary Education

Liberal Studies (B.A.) (Recommended for prospective elementary teachers)

Sociology (B.A.)

Graduate Programs Talbot Thological Seminary and School of Theology Master of Arts in: Biblical Studies Christian Education Marriage and Family Ministries

Chemistry (B.S.) Biochemistry Pre-Medical

Mathematical Sciences (B.S.) Applied Math Computer Science Secondary Education

Secondary Education

Christian Education (B.A.) Children Youth lntercultural Diversified Elementary Teaching Credential

Music (B.A.)

(General degree)

Ministry Missions Theological Studies

Music (B.M.)

(Professional degree) Composition Music Education Performance

Master of Divinity Degree Master of Theology Degree Doctor of Ministry Degree Doctor of Education Degree

Computer Science (B.S.) Information Systems Scientific Applications

Nursing (B.S.) (Qualified for RN licensure and Public Health Nurse Certification)

Communication (B.A.) Communication Disorders Interdisciplinary Print Media PublidOrganizational Communication Radio-Television-Film Drama Minor English (B.A.) English/Communication Waiver Program

School of lntercultural Studies and World Missions Master of Arts in: lntercultural Studies Missions Doctor of Missiology School of Arts, Sciences and Professions Master of Arts in: Christian School Admi nistration Education Master of Music in Church Music Rosemead School of Psychology Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology Doctor of Philosophy in Clinical Psychology Doctor of Psychology in Clinical Psychology

Physical Education (B.S.) Secondary Education

Sport Physiology Coaching Minor

Biola University Undergraduate Programs

Physical Science (B.S.) Biochemistry Chemistry Medical Technology Physics Pre-Engineering Pre-Medical Secondary Education

and Emphases American Studies (B.A.)

Secondary Education Secondary Education

Art (B.A.)

History (B.A.)

Art Education Graphic Design Stud io Arts

Asian Civilization Civilization of the Americas

European Civilization Secondary Education

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