Professional Standards and Student Conduct The academic programs at Rosemead are des igned to prepare graduates for Ii­ censure (on the doctoral level) by the pro­ fessional licensing boards of the various states. Because of the professional nature of Rosemead's programs, students are re­ qu ired to maintain the standards of the psychological profession as defined by the American Psychological Association, the State of Californ ia and the professional psychologists who comprise Rosemead's fac:ulty As a part of Biola University, which serves a broad spectrum of evangelical churches, Rosemead also has both a doc­ trinal statement and a statement of con­ duct (See page 2, 4). Prospective applicants should be familiar with the standards. Stu­ dents who do not meet the stated profes­ sional and personal standards of Rosemead 's programs are liable to termi­ nation from the program. Admissions Informat ion Rosemead seeks to admit applicants whose background clearly demonstrates scholarly aptitude, a commitment to the histor ic Christ ian faith, personal character and integrity and a positive service-orient­ ed mot ivation toward the field of clinical psychology As an evangelical Christian in­ stitution, Biola Un iversity requ ires that an applicant have been a Christian for at least one year prior to admission. Biola does not discrimi nate on the basis of the appli­ cant's race, color, sex, handicap or national or ethnic origin. Persons interested in attend ing Rosemead should request application forms from the director of admission of Biola Univers ity

Application Deadl ine Since enrollment is limited and admis­ sion is on a selective basis, applications should be made as early as possible. The APPLICATION DEADLINE IS FEBRUARY 15. Decisions are made only on completed applications. Rosemead currently admits new students for the degree programs only in the fall semester each year. Applica­ tions submitted after the February I 5 deadline will rarely be considered for the following fall semester. Admissions Requirements As in most graduate programs in psy­ chology, compet ition is keen and enroll­ ment is limited. In order to be admitted to ful l graduate standi ng the applicant must comply w ith the following: (I) Possess a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or un iversity with an average grade of at least "B" for the jun ior and senior years, i.e., 30 on a 4.0 scale. (2) Present an undergraduate program with either a maJor in psychology or its functional equivalent (30 semester hours of credit in psychology). This should include at least one course in : General (Introductory) Psychology; Statistical Methods; Experimental Psy­ chology; Abnormal Psychology ; The­ ories of Personality; and Learning. Also strongly recommended are courses in Measurement Theory, History of Psy­ chology, Physiological Psychology, or a year of Biology/Zoology. If possible, undergraduate courses in Old and New Testament Su1-vey and Hermeneutics will strengthen the stu­ dent's preparation at Rosemead. Record Examination Aptitude Test and Psychology Advanced Test Informa­ tion regarding testing dates and loca­ tion may be obtained by writing to the Educational Testing Service, Box 955, Pr inceton, New Jersey 08540. No ap­ plicant is exempt from submitting GRE scores which must be received prior to the deadline date of February 15. (3) Submit scores on the G1-aduate

Notice of Decisions The Admissions Committee w ill process applicat ions as quickly as possible following the February 15 dead line, though time must be allowed for completion of per­ sonal interviews. Those whose applications do not pass the preliminary screening will be notified immediately Certificates of Ac­ ceptance wi ll be mailed on or about April I . Information concerning t he status of an application will not be given except by let­ ter from t he university di rector of admis­ sions fo llowi ng action by the Admissions Committee. Because of t he large number of applicants, informat ion cannot be given by telephone. In the event that an applicant has not heard from the committee by May I , written inqu iry may be made. General Academic Infor mation CLASSIFICATION OF STUDENTS Graduate psychology students meet ing all entrance requ irements will be classified as regular graduate st udents. Students who do not fulfill all entrance requirements may be admitted on a provisional status until they correct the deficiency Any such defi­ ciencies must be removed within one cal­ endar year of a student's admission as a provisional student It is only in rare in­ stances that a student will be accepted in provisional status. Students will be classified in the program as follows: First year 30 graduate units or less completed Second year 60 graduate units or less completed Third year 90 graduate units or less completed Fourth year 120 graduate units or less completed Fifth year Class work completed and internship in progress Disser tation (ABD) All requi rements met except for disserta­ tion

(4) Submit completed profiles (not answer sheets) of the Minnesota Multiphasic Pe rsonality Inventory (MMPI) and the Strong-Campbell Interest Invent ory (SC II ). These tests should be taken at a college testing service or from a li­ censed psychologist Since this test ma­ terial is confidential, Rosemead will not make copies of tests sent fo1- admission purposes at any time. Applicants are referred to the source from which the testing was administered if they desire a clinical interpretation. (5) Submit five letters of recommendation on forms supplied by the school. Three of these are academic references and two are character references (pastor and a personal friend). (6) Appear for a personal interview with the Admissions Committee or its 1-ep­ resentative. Arrangements are made by the committee following a prelimi­ nary screening of applications after February 15. Only those who are fina­ lists in Rosemead's admissions proce­ dure, determined by the preliminary screening, will be scheduled for a per­ sonal interview For finalists from the general southern California area, inter­ views are held on campus at La Mirada. Arrangements will be made by the chairperson of the Rosemead Ad­ missions Committee for those outside the southern California area. Inter­ views are conducted in a number of cities throughout the country, generally in February or early March. A non­ refundable fee of $50 is due and pay­ able following arrangements for the in­ terview It is the responsibility of the applicant to make sure that all application materials have been received. If there is any doubt, the applicant should write to the university admissions office for verification. When all application mater ials have been received, the school will send a notice to the appli­ cant If such a notice has not been re­ ceived, it may be assumed that the applica­ tion file is not yet complete.


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