Theology/Biblical Studies This series of courses provides students with essential biblical and theological un­ derstanding prerequisite to effective inte­ gration of the disciplines of psychology and theology. ( 17 units required.) RTHE 517 THEOLOGY AND BIBLICAL STUDIES I HERMENEUTICS (2) A study of hermeneut ical principles for sound interpretation of the Bible, including general rules and specialized principles for parables, types, prophecies and poetry. Requ ired for Psy.D., Ph.D. RTHE 5 18 THEOLOGY AND BIBLICAL STUDIES II: MATTHEW AND ROMANS (4) An exposi tion of these two books, their backgrounds, themes, lines of thought through verses, chapters and sections, doctrinal significance , solutions to areas of difficulty and relevant practical application. Prerequisite: RTHE 517. Required for Psy.D., Ph.D. RTHE 605 THEOLOGY AND BIBLICAL STUDIES Ill THEOLOGY PROPER AND ANTHROPOLOGY (4) Prolegomena to systematic theology in­ cluding its nature and method. The study of bi bl iology including revelation, inspira­ tion, canonicity and authority of the Scri p­ tures. The doctrine of God. Prerequisite: RTHE 518. Required for Psy.D., Ph.D. RTHE 606 THEOLOGYAND BIBLICAL STUDIES IV: RECONCILIATION AN D THE CHURCH (4) The study of salvation, its provision in the person and work of Christ and its applica­ tion to man. The church, includ ing its in­ ception, nature and organization. The doc­ trine of future things. Prerequisite: RTHE 605. Requir-ed for Psy.D., Ph.D. RTHE 625 THEOLOGY AND BIBLICAL STUDIES V: CHRISTIAN ETHICS (3) A study of Christ ian ethics in relation to di­ vorce, abortion, homosexuality, euthanasis, situation ethics, environmental ecology and human control of human beings. Required for Psy.D., Ph.D.

RPSY 642 PSYCHOTHERAPY W ITH CHILDREN (3) The nature and treatment of common emotional and behavioral problems of childhood from a psychoanalytic develop­ mental perspective. Special attention is giv­ en to parent counseling. Prerequisites: RPSY 604, RPSY 641 and permission of in ­ structor. Elective. RPLB 643 BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION WITH CHILDREN (3) The nature and treatment of common emotional and behavioral problems of childhood from a learning theory perspec­ tive. Special attention to parent counseli ng. Elective. RPLB 653 VOCATIONAL DEVELOP­ MENT AND PSYCHOTHERAPY (3) A study of vocational development and vo­ cational choice as a point of focus in psy­ chotherapy. Attention is given to values clarification, personality and adjustment factors, measurement of aptitudes and in­ terests and decision-making skills. Special consideration is given to assessment tools, informational aids and supportive commu­ nity resources within the context of inte­ grati ng vocational development with pro­ fessional psychological practice. Prerequi­ sites: RPSY 642 and permission of instructor. Elective. RPLB 67 1 MARITAi/FAMiLY EVALUA­ TION AND INTERVENTION TECH­ NIQUES I (3) A study of the literature and practice of marital and family therapy, with emphasis on diagnostic procedures and the applica­ tion of specific therapeutic techniques to dysfunction within the marital dyad. The first semester emphasizes diagnostic inter­ viewing in a clinic setting where students carry responsibility for psychological as­ sessment interviewing, report-writi ng and therapeutic recommendations in selected clients. Concurrent enrollment in a practicum offering opportunities for ex­ perience with couples and/or families is re­ quired. Prerequisite: RPSY 642 and per­ mission of instructor. Elective.

RPLB 705 BRIEF PSYCHOTHERAPIES (3) Models and approaches in br ief interven­ tions with special attention to crisis inter­ vention, emergency room work, as well as systems approaches (Watzlawick, Haley, M. Erickson) Prerequisite: permission of in­ structor. Elective. RPLB 709 THERAPEUT IC APPROACHES TO SEXUAL DYSFUNCTION (3) This course focuses exclusively on clinical approaches to assessment and therapeutic intervention in relat ion to sexual dysfunc­ tion w ith in the marital dyad. Prerequisites : RPLB 671, RPSY 607, RPSY 663 and per­ mission of instructor. Elective. RPLB 7 10 EXISTENTIA L PSYCHOTHER­ APY (3) Study and practice of the therapeutic rela­ tionship and the process of therapy from a growth or actual ization perspective, in­ clud ing the approaches of selected theo­ rists such as Rogers, Gendlin, Perls and se­ lected existential therapists. Prerequisites RPSY 551 and permission of instructor. Elective. RPLB 71 I ADLERIAN PSYCHOTHERA­ PY (3) The focus of this course is on the pract ice of psychotherapy based on the personal ity and family dynamics elaborated in Alfred Adler's Individual Psychology. Attention will also be given to more contemporary views of such Alderians as Dreikurs, Ansbacher and Ansbacher, Dinkmeyer, Mosak and others. Prerequisite: RPSY 552 Elective.

RPLB 672 MARITA i/FAMiLY EVALUA­ TION AND INTERVENTION TECH­ NIQUES II (3) Continuation of RPLB 67 1. Major consid­ eration will be given in the second semes­ ter to issues such as premarriage, commu­ nication, divorce and sexual dysfunction as aspects of marital therapy. Concurrent en­ rollment in a practicum offering opportuni­ ties for experience w ith couples and/or families is required. Prerequ isites: RPLB 671 and permission of instructor. Elective. RPLB 681 SPECIAL PROBLEMS IN PSY­ CHOTHERAPY I (2 or 3) An advanced course in psychodynamic psychotherapy dealing with issues such as impai r ments of the therapeutic relat ion­ ship, acting out levels and timing of inter­ pretations and psychotherapy w ith individ­ uals suffering from disturbances in early obJect relat ionships. Prerequisites: RPLB 631, RPLB 632 and permission of instruc­ tor. Elect ive. RPLB 682 SPECIAL PROBLEMS IN PSY­ CHOTHERAPY II (2 or 3) Continuation of RPLB 681 . Prerequisite: RPLB 681 and permission of instructor. Elective. RPLB 702 PRINCIPLES AND PRACTICES IN CASE SUPERVISION I (2-3) A seminar in case supervision. Students are responsible for supervising the profes­ sional experiences of less advanced stu­ dents. Prerequisites: admission to doctoral studies and permission of instructor. Elective. RPLB 703 PRINCIPLES AND PRACTICES IN CASE SUPERVISION II (2-3) Continuation of RPLB 702. Prerequisites: RPLB 702 and permission of instructor. Elective.


This course focuses each time it is offered on a specific therapy not regularl y included in Rosemead 's curricu lum, including such approaches as Transactional Analysis, Ge­ stalt Therapy, Psychodrama, Rational -Emo­ tive Therapy, Real ity Therapy, and others. Teaching personnel are drawn from the professional community of active pract i­ tioners of the specific modal ity to be con­ sidered. Prerequisites: as determined by the individual instructor. Elective.


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