RPTI 760 INDEPENDENT STUDY ( 1-3) Ind ividual study, directed reading or special problems in integration. Such study must be done with the approval and supervision of a faculty professor of record. The stu­ dent is expected to submit a detailed course proposal and a bibl iography on a learning contract form available from the registrar's office. Required courses may not be taken through independent study. Elective. lntercultural Studies Students can apply up to six (6) units of the following courses toward the psychol­ ogy graduation requirement. Course de­ scriptions are given under the School of ln­ tercultural Studies and World Missions sec­ tion of the catalog. SICS 502 Social Organization (3) SICS 550 Christianity and Culture (3) SICS 520 Interpersonal and .l ntercultural Adjustment (3) SICS 561 Topics in Appl ied Cultural An- thropology (3) SICS 562 Culture Change (3) SICS 622 lntercultural Communication (3)

RTHE 730 INDEPENDENT STUDY ( 1-3) Individual work, directed reading or special problems in theology. Such study must be done with the approval and supervision of a faculty professor of record. The student is expected to submit a detai led course proposal and a bibliography on a learni ng contract form available from the registrar's offi ce. Requ ired courses may not be taken through independent study. Elective. Integration of Psychology and Theology Rosemead's cu r riculum is distinguished by a series of seminars designed to investi­ gate the mutual relationships between the­ ological and psychological concepts and data. These seminars constitute an essen­ tial part of Rosemead training and offer students an opportunity to become in­ volved in a creative application of shared insights from these related disciplines. Each student must take either RPTI 50 I or RPTI 721 or 722 and four additional integration semi nars. Two of the advanced seminars are taken for 2 units and two for 3 units. In the 3 unit seminar students are expected to write an in-depth integration paper suit­ able for publication. Complet ion of RPTI 721 or RPTI 722 is a prerequisite for all other integration seminars. ( 14 units are required.)

RPTI 721 THE NATURE AND SCOPE OF INTEGRATION (3) Thi s required course includes a discussion of the models, levels and areas in which in­ tegration of the theological and psychologi­ cal can occur, as well as a framework for conceptualizing the scope of integration. Prerequisites: RTHE 517, 518, 605 and second year stand ing. Required for Ph.D , Psy.D. RPTI 722 SYSTEMS OF INTEGRATION (3) A critical evaluation of the works of specif­ ic theologians and psychologists who have attempted to integrate the disciplines of psychology and theology. Attention is given to the approaches of such theorists as Ad­ ams, Browning, Crabb, Gothard, Mowrer, Oden, Tourn ier, Van Kaam and Wagner Prerequ isites: RTHE 517, 5 18 and 605. Required for Ph.D., Psy.D. RPTI 741 GUILT, CONSCIENCE AND SOCIALIZATION (2-3) A discussion of guilt and conscience , includ­ ing both biblical and psychological theories on the origins of guilt and conscience and the expressions of these theories in ther­ apy. Prerequisite: commencement of indi­ vidual didactic and the RTHE 605 and 606. Elective. RPTI 742 ANGER, AGGRESSION AND HOSTILITY (2-3) A consideration of anger and related emo­ tions and behaviors, includ ing the catharsis hypotheses and aggression in fantasy. Elective. RPTI 744 INTEGRATION AND THER­ APY (2-3) The focus of this seminar is on "explicit in­ tegration" in psychotherapy. The distinctives of the Christian therapist and his therapeutic conceptualizations and in­ terventions is examined. Elective.

RPTI 745 MATURITY: PSYCHOLOGI ­ CAL AND THEOLOGICAL PERSPEC­ TIVES (2-3) Various approaches to the concept of ma­ turity are reviewed, including the psycho­ logical, biblical and devotional. A major fo­ cus is placed on the similarities and differ­ ences between biblical and psychological maturity as seen by such integrat ion t heo­ rists as Carter, Clines, Grounds and Oak­ land. Elective. RPTI 746 SELECTED TOPICS AND IS­ SUES IN INTEGRATION (2-3) Occasional seminars are offered under this course designation with focus on some contemporary integration issue, contro­ versy or special research interest. Elective. RPTI 748 CHRISTIAN COMMUN ITY (2-3) A study of the potential impact of the church as a social system upon the growth and maturity of its members. Prerequisites: RTHE 606 and permission of instuctor. Elective. RPTI 749 VALUES IN PSYCHOTHERAPY (2-3) A consideration of the role of values in the psychotherapy process. Includes discussion of the presence and impact of the implicit and explicit values of both therapist and cli­ ent. Elective. RPTI 750 PERSPECTIVES ON HUMAN NATURE (2-3) A critical examination of various theologi­ cal and psychological anthropologies. Each student is expected to conduct an in-depth review of one theoretical perspective. Elective.

SICS 706 Ideological Confiict (3) SICS 761 Sex Roles in Society (3)


A colloquium introducing first year stu­ dents to issues and approaches to the inte­ gration of psychology and theo logy. RPTI 7 10 SIN AND PSYCHOPATHOL­ OGY (2) An advanced seminar exploring the con­ cepts of si n and psychopathology. Includes a discussion of the nature and essence of psychopathology and the relationship of personal, parental and societal responsibil­ ity in personality development and func­ tioning. Prerequisites: RPSY 551 and 552, RTHE 606 and permission of the instruc­ tor. Elective.


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