University Faculty 1984-1985 Academic Year Year indicates appointment to facu lty. GENEVIEVE R ANDERSON Associate Professor of Music, 1979 BA, California State University, Long Beach; M.M., University of Southern Cali­ fornia. NEIL ANDERSON Assistant Professor of Practical Theology, 1981 B.S., Arizona State University; MA, MDiv, Talbot Theological Semi nary; Ed.D., Pepperdi ne University. MICHAEL ANTHONY Assistant Professor in Christian Education, 1984 BA, Biola University; MA, Talbot Semi­ nary; M.RE. , Golden State Seminary; Ed.D., Southwestern Theological Seminary. LARRY AUSTIN Instructor of Business Administration, 1984 B.S., Universit y of Nebraska. CARL A BAUER Associate Professor of Education, 1978 BA, Dartmouth College; MA, Ed.D., Uni­ versity of Southern California. DAVID BLACK Assistant Professor in Bibl ical Stud ies, 1984 BA, Biola University; M.Div., Talbot Semi­ nary; D.Theol. , University of Basel, Swit­ zerland. CHARLES O BRADSHAW Associate Professor of Christian Education, 1980 BA, Biola College; MA, Talbot Theologi­ cal Seminary; Ph.D., Claremont Graduate School.

RAYLENE COAD Associate Professor of Physical Science, 1982. B.S. and M.S., University of California, Berkeley; MA, Radcliffe College, Cam­ bridge; Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley. JOHN COCHRAN Associate Professor of Communication, 1984 B.S., Wayne State; M.S.W, University of Southern California; M FA, University of California, Los Angeles. CHERLYN CONVERSE Instructor of Mathematical Science, 198 I BA, MA, California State University, Fullerton. JAMES CONWAY Associate Professor of Practical Theology, Director of D.Min. Program, 198 1 B.S., Sterling College; M.Div., Conservative Baptist Theological Seminary, Denver; MA, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School; D.Min., Fuller Theological Seminary; Ph.D., candidate, University of Illinois. Professor lntercu ltural Studies, 1982; Di ­ rector and Professor of lntercultural Stud­ ies, 1967-79. Athletic Director, 1957-60 BA, Biola College; MDiv., Th.M., Talbot Theological Seminary; D Miss, Fuller The­ ological Seminary. CLYDE COOK President, 1982

ALLEN CARDEN Associate Professor- of History, Associate Dean, School of Arts, Sciences and Profes­ sions, 1974 BA, Biola College; MA California State University, Fullerton; Ph.D., University of California, Irvine.

ELIZABETH S. CARDEN Professor of Education, 1952

THOMAS F. BRADY Associate Professor of Psychology, 1971 BA, University of South Dakota; MA, Ph.D., Arizona State University. JULIE BRIGHT Instructor of Nursing, 1984 B.S., Biola University; M.S.N , California State University, Los Angeles candidate. PAUL W BUEGLER Associate Professor of Bus iness Adminis­ tration, 1978 B.S.BA, University of North Dakota; M.BA, University of Washington; JD, Wi l­ liam Mitchell College of Law. Member of California, Minnesota and United States Supreme Court Bars. IRVIN A BUSENITZ Associate Professor of Bible Exposition, Valley Extension Center, 1974 BA, Grace Bible Institute; M.Div, Th.M., Talbot Theological Semi nary; Th.D., Grace Theological Seminary. BA, Biola College; MA, California State Universi t y, Los Angeles ; Ph.D., Claremont Graduate School. REINHARD J. BUSS Professor of German and Folklore, Direc­ tor, Biola Abroad, 1964 BA, University of Maryland ; MA, Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles. DIETRICH BUSS Professor of History, 1966 CHERYL CALTABIANO Instructor of Nursing, 1983 B.S.N , MS.N., California State University, Long Beach.

BA, University of California, Los Angeles; B. Ch.Ed., The Bible Institute of Los Ange­ les ; M.S., University of Southern California.

JOHN D. CARTER Professor of Psychology, 1973

BA, Wayne State University; B.D., Con­ servative Baptist Theological Seminary; MA, Ph.D., New School for Social Re­ search.

EDWIN T CHILDS Professor of Music, 1978

B.M., Wheaton College; Ph.D., Eastman School of Music, University of Rochester, NY

JAMES H. CHRISTIAN Professor of Church History, 1951

BA, Westmont College; Th.B, The Bible Institute of Los Angeles ; B.D., Th.M. , Th .D., Eastern Baptist The<::logical Seminary. C WAYNE CHUTE Dean, University Admissions and Records, Instructor of Biblical Studies and Theology, 1979 BA, University of California, Los Angeles; M.Div., Th.M., Western Conservative Bap­ tist Seminary. DAVID CIOCCHI Assistant Professor of Philosophy, 1974 BA, Biola College; MA, University of Cal ifornia, Santa Barbara; MA, Talbot Theological Seminary. PETER COAD Associate Professor of Physical Science, 1982 B.S., University of Californ ia, Berkeley; M.S., University of Californ ia, Berkeley; Ph.D., Oregon State University, Corvallis.

DANIEL CORNELL Instructor in English, 1984 B.S., Arizona State University.

REBECCA COWAN Assistant Professor of Recreation and Camp Administration, 1981 BA, M.S., California Stat e University, Chico; Ph.D., University of Southern California CHERYL A CRAWFORD Instructor, Christian Education, 1984 BA, Gordon College; M.S. , University of Southern California; Ph.D., candidate, Uni­ versity of Southern California.


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