ROBERT F CRAWFORD Vice President, Planning and Information Services, Associate Professor of Chemis­ try, 1967 BA, California State Polytechnic Universi­ ty; M.S., Ph.D., Cornell University. EDWARD M. CURTIS Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies and Theology, 1978 B.S. , Baylor University; MA, Trinity Evan­ gelical Divinity School; Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania. DAVID DICKSON Instructor of Foreign Languages, 1982. BA, University of California, Los Angeles: MA, Ph.D., University of Southern Cali­ fornia. DENNIS H. DIRKS Associate Professor of Christian Education, Associate Dean, Talbot Theological Semi­ nary and School of Theology, 1976 BA, California State University, Fresno; MA, Talbot Theological Seminary; Ph.D., Claremont Graduate School.

WILLIAM L. EDKINS Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychology, 1979 BA, Kings College: MA, Seaton Hal l Uni­ versity; M.Div., Bethel Theological Semi­ nary; MA, Psy.D., Rosemead Graduate School of Professional Psychology. KEITH J. EDWARDS Professor of Psychology, I973 B Ed, University of Wisconsin: MA, Ph.D., New Mexico State University. PAUL ENNS Associate Professor of Bible Exposition, 1984 B.R.E. , Winnipeg Bible College; Th.M. and Th.D., Dallas Seminary. SIGURD ESSELSTROM Instructor of Business Administration, 1983 B.S., M.S., University of Southern California. THOMAS J. FINLEY Associate Professor of Semitics and Old Testament, 1976 BA, Biola College: M.Div., Talbot The­ ological Seminary; MA, Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles. ROBERT B. FISCHER Provost and Senior Vice President, Profes­ sor of Chemistry, 1979 B.S., Wheaton College; Ph.D., University of Illinois. REBEKAH FLEEGER Associate Professor of Nursing. 1969 R.N., Jackson Memorial Hospital; B.S., Flor­ ida State University; M.N., University of California, Los Angeles WAYNE S. FLORY Associate Professor of Biblical Studies and Theology. I972 BA, Westmont College; B.D.. Grace The­ ological Seminary; Th.M., Talbot Theologi­ cal Seminary: MA, California State Uni­ versi ty, Los Angeles, Ph.D. , studies in progress , University of Southern California.

ROBERT A. FREMBLING Associate Professor of Recreation and Camp Administration, 1975 BA, M.S., San Francisco State University. JAMES GEORGE Instructor of Practical Theology, 1983 B.S., Oklahoma University; MDiv., Talbot Theological Seminary and School of Theology. ANNE L. GEWE Assistant Professor of Nursing, 1979 R.N , Los Angeles General Hospital School of Nursing; B.S.N , Biola College; MSN, California State University, Los Angeles. SYLVIA GILMAN Associate Professor of English, 1961 BA, MA, Colorado State College. GERALD L. GOODEN Associate Director, Library, Associate Pro­ fessor, 1962 Diploma, Moody Bible Institute; BA, Mar­ shall University; M L.S., University of Cali­ fornia, Los Angeles. EVELYN M. GUILBERT Associate Professor of Nursing, 1980 BA, Nursing, California State University, Los Angeles M.S., University of California, Los Angeles. JAMES GUY Assistant Professor of Psychology, 1982 BA, Wheaton College; MA, Fuller The­ ological Seminary; Ph.D., Fuller Graduate School of Psychology. DAVID L. HAMMOND Director, Media Center, Professor of Edu­ cation, I 962 B.S., Bob Jones University; MA Arizona State University: Ed.D., University of Southern Cal ifornia.

DELBERT J. HANSON Professor of Philosophy, 1966 BA. MA, Wheaton College; MA, Ph.D. , University of Southern California ROBERT T HARRISON Ass istant Professor of H istory, 1983 BA, Biola College; M.Div, Fuller Theologi­ cal Semi nary: MA, California State Uni ­ versity, Los Angeles; Ph.D. candidate, Uni­ versity of Southern California. IOMA HAWKINS Assistant Professor of Psychology, 1985 BA, Pepperdine University; MA, Pepperdine University; Ph.D., California School of Professional Psychology. DORCAS HENRY Associate Professor of Physical Education, 1971 B.S., Marion College; MA, Bal l State Un i­ versity. JOY L. HERITAGE Assistant Professor of Physical Education, 1981 BA, MA, Glassboro State College, New Jersey. H. HARWOOD HESS William Cameron Townsend Chair of Translation, 1984 Professor of lntercultural St udies and World Missions, I 984 BA, Wheaton College; B.D., Grand Rapids Baptist Seminary; Ph.D., Universit y of Michigan. HENRY W HOLLOMAN Professor of Systematic Theology, 1974 AB., Southwestern College of Memphis; Th. M , Th.D., Dallas Theological Seminary. DAVID G. HOLMQUIST Associate Professor of Physical Education, 1978 B.S., Biola College: M.S., California State University, Fu llerton; Ph.D., University of Southern California.

VIRG INIA M. DOLAND Professor of English, 1963

B.S., Bob Jones University: MA, California State University, Los Angeles; Ph.D., Uni­ vers ity of Southern California. HAROLD DOLLAR Associate Professor of lntercultural Stud­ ies, 1983 B.B.E, Columbia Bible College; M.Div., Grace Theological Seminary: D. Miss., Fuller Theological Seminary. NANCY S. DUVALL Associate Professor of Psychology, 1975 BA. Agness Scott College: MAT. Duke University ; Ph.D , University of North Carolina. LESTER C. EDDINGTON Associate Professor of Biological Science, 1967 B.S., M.S., North Dakota State University: C. Phil., University of California at Los An­ geles.


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