MATTHEW C. ORR Assistant Professor of Physical Education, 1973 BA, Biola College, MA, California State University, Fullerton. MARLIN OWEN Assistant Professor of Music, 1982 B.S., Mankato State University; MA, Uni­ versity of California, San Diego. RAPHAEL PAYNE Associate Professor of Biological Science, 1970 BA, Westmont College; M.S., University of Nebraska. C. DAVID PETERS Professor of Political Science, 1966 BA, MA, Ph.D., University of Oklahoma. RONALD PIERCE Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies and Theology, I 97 6 BA, John Brown University; MDiv, Th M , Talbot Theological Seminary; Ph.D., Fuller Theological Seminary. PATRICIA L. PIKE Assistant Professor of Psychology, 1983 BA, MA, Ph.D., University of Hawaii. PAUL L. POELSTRA Professor of Psychology, I 963 BA, Biola College; MA, Ph.D., Claremont Graduate School. KEN POLITE Assistant Professor of Psychology, 1982 BA, Evangel College; MA, Ph.D., Fuller Theological Seminary Graduate School of Psychology BENJAMIN POWELL Associate Professor of Business Adminis­ tration, 1970 B.S., Un iversity of W yomi ng; M BA, Uni­ versity of Southern Californ ia; Ph.D , New York University

MARC T. MUELLER Assistant Professor in Systematic Theology, Valley Extension Center, 1978 BA, Pomona College, Claremont; Th.M., Dallas Theological Seminary, Ph.D., cand i­ date, Cambridge, England.

WILLIAM M. McQUEEN, JR Associate Professrn· of Psychology, 1978 BA, MA, Ph.D., University of South Carolina. CURTIS C. MITCHELL Professor of Biblical Studies and Theology, 1966 BA, Biola College; B.D., Talbot Theologi­ cal Seminary; Th.M , Western Conserva­ tive Baptist Theological Seminar·y; Th.D., Grace Theological Seminary RICHARD J. MOHLINE Dean of Administration, Rosemead School of Psychology, Associate Professor of Prac­ tical Theology, I 970 Diploma, Moody Bible Institute: BA, Wheaton College: M.Div, Gordon Conwell Seminary: M.Ed., Loyola Univer­ sity, Chicago. GEORGE C. MOORE Director of Ethnic and International Stu­ dent Relations, Instructor of Biblical Studies and Theology, 1975 Diploma, Bible Institute of Los Angeles: BA, Biola College: MDrv., Th.M .. Talbot Theological Seminary. J. VINCENT MORRIS Vice President University Student Affairs, Associate Professor of Foreign Languages, 1971 BA, Westmont College; Th M, Dallas Theological Seminary; MA, Ed.D., Arizona State University NANCY MOSES Instructor of Nursing, 1984 B.S., Hartwick College, M.SN, California State University, Los Angeles.

RAYMOND LUTKE Associate Professor of Music, 1970 B.S.M, Grace Bible Institute; B.M.E., M.M E , Bradley University. HOWARD LYON Associate Professor of Physical Education, 1971 BA, MA, California State University, Long Beach. LARRY MARSHBURN Director of the Library, Associate Profes­ sor, 1982 BA, Whittier College; M.S., University of W1scons1n. FRANK I. MARTINEZ Assistant Professor of Psychology, I 984 BA, University of California at Los Angeles; MA, Ph.D., University of Nebraska MARVIN K. MAYERS Dean, School of lntercultural Studies and World Missions, Professor of lntercultural Studies, 1982 BA, Wheaton College; MDiv, Fuller The­ ological Seminary: MA, Ph.D, University of Chicago. COLIN S. McDOUGALL Associate Professor of English, 1964 B.S., North Central College; MA, Califor­ nia State University, Fullerton. DONALD G. McDOUGALL Associate Professor of New Testament, 1975 BA, Biola College; M.Div, Th.M., Talbot Theological Seminary; Ph.D., studies in progress, University of California, Los Angeles OLIVE W. McLAUGHLIN Assistant Professor of Nursing, 1975 B.S. , RN, University of Oregon; M.SN , California State University, Los Angeles.

NANCY MURPHY Instructor of Nu1·sing, 1984 B.S., Wheaton College.

S. BRUCE NARRAMORE Dean, Rosemead School of Psychology Professor of Psychology, 1970 BA, Westmont College; MA, Pepperdine College: MA, Fuller Theological Seminary; Ph.D., University of Kentucky. THOMAS L. NASH Associate Professor of Communication, 1977 B.S., John Brown University; MA, Ph.D., Michigan State University.

GEORGE M. NISHIDA Professor of Sociology, 1964

BA, Pasadena College; MA, California State University, Los Angeles: MA, Ph.D., University of California, Riverside. EDWARD H. NORMAN Administrative Dean, School of Arts, Sci­ ences and Professions and of Undergrad­ uate Studies, Professor of Physical Educa­ tion, 1962 B.S.. Springfeld College: MA, Ball State University; Ed.D, University of Southern California. ELIZABETH G. NORMAN Associate Professor of Physical Education, 1962 B.S.. Taylor University; MA, Ball State Uni­ versity


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