JENNIE KUK-YING WONG Professor of Music, I964

L.R.S.M , Royal Schools of Music; FTC.L, LT.CL., Trinity College of Music; L.TS.C., Tonic Sol-Fa College of Music. TONY WONG Assistant Professor of Psychology, 198 I BA, MA, PhD, University of Southern California. DAVID E. YOUNG Dean, Student Services, Associate Profes­ sor of History, 1971 BA, _Biola College; MA, Arizona State University; M.Div, Talbot Theological Seminary. FRANK ZAMORA Associate Professor of Art, 1966 B.S., MA, Bob Jones University: M.FA, Claremont Graduate School. From left to right: Dr. Vincent Morris, Vice Presi dent, University Student Affairs: Dr. Marvin Mayers, Dean, School of lntercultural Studies and World Missions: Dr. Wendell Johnston, Dean, Talbot Theological Seminary and School of Theology; Dr. Clyde Cook, President, Biola University; Dr. Bruce Narramore, Dean, Rosemead School of Psychology; Dr. Edward Norman, Dean , School of Arts, Sciences and Professions: Dr. Robert Fischer, Provost and Senior Vice President.

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