Part-Time Faculty The Biola University faculty each semes­ ter includes, in addition to the regular fac­ ulty members listed above, approximately 80 persons teaching on a part-time basis equivalent to about 30 full-time-equivalent faculty positions. These persons bring to their tasks a rich variety of academic and other professional expertise, and thus serve to enrich the curricular offerings of the University. particularly in some of the more speciali zed areas. Special Appointment Faculty JANE_H. HIGA Dean, Student Affairs, 1982 BA. Westmont College: Ms Ed . Universi­ ty of Southern California. University Faculty Emeriti

MARGARET HART Dean of Women, Emerita 1959-1977

JAMES O HENRY Professor of History, Emeritus 1953-1975 GORDON HOOKER Assistant Professor of Music, Emeritus 1926-1968 MARTHA HOOKER Assistant Professor of Christian Education Emerita I926- 1968

MASAKAZU IWATA Professor of History, Emeritus 1961-1983

ROBERT S. LIVINGSTON Professor of Business and Economics, Emeritus I967- I 977 FRANCES YU LU Professor of Mathematics. Emerita 1967- 1982

SAMUEL H. SUTHERLAND President. Emeritus 1936-1970

DOROTHY BRAUN Professor of Christian Education, Emerita 1966-1980

INEZ McGAHEY Professor of English, Emerita 1948-1980

RAYNER BROWN Professor of Music. Emeritus 1953-1977

ETHEL RANKIN Associate Professor of History, Emerita 1969-1979 LEONIE V SOUBIROU Director, School of Missionary Medicine, Emerita 1945-1975 HARRY STURZ Professor of Foreign Languages , Emeritus 1953-1983

WILLIAM L. CARDEN Dean of Admissions and Records, Emeritus 1965-79 WILLIAM C EBELING Professor of Biblical Studies, Emeritus 1953-1976 ARNOLD D. EHLERT Graduate Studies Librarian. Emeritus 1954-1973 WALLACE EMERSON Professor of Psychology, Emeritus 1948-1968 CHARLES L. FEINBERG Dean of Talbot Theological Seminary, Emeritus 1948-75 Professor of Semitics and Old Testament. Emeritus 1948-79 RUTH FULLER Associate Professor of Nursing, Emerita 1968-1978

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