Academic Calendar 1985-86

Summer Session 1985 Registration (by mail or in person); all continuing students Registration - first sess ion, new students; late registration for continuing students

August 28

Registration for all graduate continuing students

May 13-15

education at Bio/a 's

August 29

Convocation and beginning of classes for all students

May 28, May 3 I

School of lntercultural

September 2

Labor Day Holiday

First session (3 weeks); undergraduate courses

June 3-21

Studies and World Mis-

September 6-7

Talbot Seminary New Graduate Student Retreat

sions has provided me

First session (4 weeks); graduate courses

June 3-28

September 9-1 3

Spiritual Emphasis Week (regular classes meet

with the tools neces-

Psychology graduate comprehensive examinations

June 17-21

September I I

Last day to complete registration

sary for effective cross-

September I 3

Last day to add new classes

Second session (5 weeks); undergraduate courses

June 24-July 26

cultural communication.

October 3

First draft of Graduate education majors project due Torrey Memorial Bible Conference and Lyman Stewart Memorial Lectures (October 15- 18) (special schedule of workshops and meetings in place of regular class schedule)

Second session (4 weeks) ; graduate courses

July I -J uly 26

Those who are serious

October 14-18

August 12- 16

Psychology graduate comprehensive examinations

about learning to use

Fall Semester 1985 University faculty workshop

August 21 -23

such tools must consid-

October 24- November I

Comprehensive Written Exams for Ed.D. program

August 24

Parent's Day

er Bio/a. A tool is only

August 26

Reception for new undergraduate students

as effective as the one

October 25 -26

University Day (7:30 a.m. Friday-9:30 a.m. Saturday; regular classes meet - no exams)

Orientation and registration for new undergraduate students

August 26-28

who uses it.

Final draft of Graduate education majors project due

October 31

August 27-28

Continuing undergraduate student registration

Coleen Anderson,


Day of Prayer (special schedule of meetings)

November 6

August 27-28

Orientation and registration for al l new graduate students

Student (undergrad-

November 18- December 6

Registration for intertemi and pre- registration for spring semester

uate), School of ICSWM

August 28

Claim res ident ha ll room by noon


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