November 28- December I

March 22-31

Easter Recess (classes resume 5:00 p.m., Monday, March 3 I)

Thanksgiving recess (classes resume 7:30 a.m., Mon., December 2)

March 31- April 11

November 29

Comprehensive Written Exams for Ed.D. program Missions Conference/special schedule of workshops and meetings in place of regular class schedule) Final draft of Graduate education majors projects due Pre-registration for fa ll semester, undergraduate students Pre-registration for fall semester, graduate students

Last day to withdraw from classes

December 10

Talbot and lntercu ltural Studies students' first draft of thesis due

April 14-18

December 20

Final day of instruction

April 17

December 20

Mid-year commencement lnterterm 1986 Classes begin - late registrat ion

April 28-May 16

January 6

quality of any pastor's

January 17

Psychology graduate advanced comprehensive examination

May 6-9

spiritual leadership is

January 24

Final day of instruction, undergraduate students

May 9

spiritual maturity, the

Last day to withdraw from classes

May 9

Rosemead students' doctoral dissertations to librarian Registration for summer school (by mail or in person)

January 31

Final day of instruction, graduate students Spring Semester 1986 Orientation and Registration for new undergraduate students Orientation and registration for new graduate students

ability to discipline

one 's life so as to lead

January 29-31

May 12-14

others in the achieve-

January 30-31

May 30

Final day of instruction

ment of biblical

May 31

Commencement Summer Session 1986 Fi rst sess ion (3 weeks), undergraduate courses

January 30-31

Registration for graduate and continui ng students

objectives. Talbot has

June 2-20

February 3

Convocation and classes begi n

prepared me well in

Ju_ne 2-27

First session (4 weeks), graduate courses

February 12

Last day to complete registration

that the standards of

June 16-20

Psychology graduate comprehe nsive exami nations

February 14

Last day to add new classes

excellence expected of

February 21-22

University Day (7:30 a.m. Friday-9:30 a.m. Saturday; regular classes meet - no exams)

June 23-July 25

Second session (5 weeks), unde rgraduate courses

me by professors have

March 13

First draft of Graduate education majors project due

June 30-July 25

Second session (4 weeks), graduate courses

built hard-earned disci-

August I 1-1 5

Psychology graduate comprehensive examinations

March 19

Day of Prayer (special schedule of meet ings)

pline into my life and

March 20

Talbot and lntercultural Studies students' final draft of thesis due

ministry. - Joseph

Pursch, Talbot Graduate


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