Application for Aid Students may apply for financial aid by filing a Student Aid Application for Califor­ nia (SAAC) or (non-California residents) a Fi nancial Aid Form (FAF) In both cases, "Biola University - CSS Code 401 7" should be included in the appropriate sec­ tions. A graduate supplement is required of all graduate applicants. All undergraduate California residents are expected to apply for one of the Cal Grant programs, using the SAAC. First time applicants will also need to file the ap­ propriate Cal Grant Supplement(s). Re­ newal supplements will automatically be mailed to those eligible for renewal. Pell Grants may be applied for by com­ pleting the appropriat e section of the SAAC or FAF Departmental applications for scholarships (for music. athletics and forensics) are available from departm nts only. For example, write to the chairman, music department, Biola Univers ity. Note: New financial aid applications need to be filed for each academic year. When to File? The following deadlines have bee·n es­ tablished for the various aid programs: Cal Grant Programs - New Applicants: February I I. Renewals: Late March. University Aid - All Applicants: March I* *April I is the university financial aid ap­ plication deadline. However, the SAAC or FAF will need to be filed by March I to al­ low for adequate processing time. Late ap­ plications will be processed as time and funds permit. Financial Aid Disbursements All financial aid is awarded for the aca­ demic year; one half is applied to a stu­ dent's school account each semester (un­ less stated otherwise). Students enrolled for only one semester are entitled to only that semester's award.

Music Awards, rangi ng from $300 to $ I .400 are made by the music department to music majors with high-performance and scholastic capabilities. The scholarship must be used for t he area in which the ap­ plicant auditioned. Recipients may also be required to participate in an ensemble ac­ tivity Two special ly designat ed scholarships are open to organ and composition majors on an annual competition basis. These prestigious awards, equal to the highest scholarship granted, are The Rayner Brown Scholarship for Composition, and The Timothy Howard Scholarship for Or­ gan. Athletic Scholarships are offered to stu­ dents who demonstrate outstanding abil ity and achievement in a particular sport. Forensics Scholarships are offered t o partici pants on the school's competitive speech team. Students awarded this schol­ arship are not necessarily communication ma1ors. Biological Science pre-med scholarships up to $500 per semester are available to upper division biological science majors. The scholarship is based on need and pre­ med potential. Appl ication forms available from the pre-med advisory committee, department of biological science. In addition to those offered by the school, other scholarshi ps are provided th rough the generosity of donors. Questions concerning these awards should be referred to the director of stu­ dent fi nancial services. Graduate Financial Aid Before applying, applicants should make realistic assessment of t hei r resources for financing graduate study in view of the graduate tuition and fee schedule and the cost of living in Southern California. The university cannot provide guarantee of fi­ nancial assistance for first year student s. The following federal aid programs are available to graduate students. Please refer to the appropr iate section above for addi­ tional information.

being a nominal service fee of $2.00 per $ I 00 borrowed. In general, these are re­ served for students whose needs are of a short duration as the entire amount must be repaid before each fall semester begins unless a renewal for one year has been granted. These loans are generally not availabl for non-educational expenses, such as purchase of cars, marriage ex­ penses, etc. Student Aid Grants As funds are available, Student Aid Grants are made to needy students from the Student Aid Fund. This fund is main­ tained by gifts from friends of the universi­ ty. Students are not required to repay the university, but it is hoped that recipients will contribute to the fund when they have completed school in order to provide for International applicants must establish the degree of their ability to meet the costs of an education at Biola University. Each international applicant must submit a signed statement of financial responsibility as well as signed statements from any others who are in need. International Students agencies or individuals who have taken the responsibility of underwriting the student's expenses. These statements must include the exact amount of the commitment. Student Employment The university maintains an employment office for the benefit of students needing part-time work to defray expenses. While this office does not guarantee employ­ ment, 1t does make an effo1"t to place ev­ ery student desiring work. Jobs are available both on and off­ campus, according to students' ability, ca­ pacity to handle the added burden of em­ ployment and financial need. Normally, a student can expect to earn $ I , I 00 to $1,600 per year part-time (based on $335 per hour minimum wage). However, larger amounts may be earned based on pre­ vious work experience and hours available for employment. The student who finds 1t necessa1"y to work for the entire amount of his living ex­ penses should plan to extend the time re­ quired for his course of study and to re­ duce his academic load.

National Direct Student Loan Guaranteed Student Loan College Work Study. In add ition, the followi ng aid programs are avai lable specifically for graduate study. California State Graduate Fellowship - Available to state residents only; re­ quires a fi nancial statement, eligibility appl i­ cation and GRE or other appropriate test scores. RSP (Graduate) Assistantships - Avail­ able to selected second year students and above; eligibil ity requirements and use of funds is established through Rosemead fac­ ulty committees. Minority Fellowships - Available to qualified Rosemead students on the basis of need. Requ ires a Financial Statement (FAF) and Graduate Aid Application. Graduate Grants - Available in limited amounts to students who demonstrate a financial need; requires an FAF and Gradu­ ate Aid Application. Preference is given to students who have completed one or more years of graduate study General Financial Aid Information The fol lowing apply to both undergrad­ uate and graduate aid applicants. Entitlement Aid Biola University is authorized as an insti­ tution to grant benefits to vet erans and dependents of veterans, social security benefits and assistance from the California Rehabilitation Program. Students interest­ ed in t his type of aid should contact the office of admissions and records. If an applicant is a non-California resi­ dent but a resident of the United States, he/she may obtain a loan through his/her state's Higher Education Loan Program, by contacting a participati ng bank in his/her home area. If his/her state participates in · the GSL program, he/she may contact a bank in his/her community Short Term Loans •Biola University has certain revolving funds which are used for short-term stu­ dent loans. A st udent may borrow up to $500 per year (for emergency purposes); the loan is interest free, the only charge


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