Student Services

Continuing Students: Procedure for Reserving Campus Housing .. Continuing students desiring to reserve on-campus housing for the fall must sign up for the room of their choice according to the reservation schedule 1n the spring. Commuter Students Students who live off campus are an im­ portant part of our universit y community. Due to the fact that it is often difficult for commuter students to feel a part of a uni­ versity community, we stronglyenourage . them to interact with students l1v1ng 1n resi­ dence halls and to participate in student life on campus. Information and services for commuter students are available both through Student Affairs Department and Auxiliary Services. The housing office maintains listi ngs of apartments, homes and off-campus rooms which are for lease or rent. Information regarding the legal rights of renters in California is also avail- able in the housing office. . In addition, the Student Affairs Depart­ ment has provided a commuter lounge where you may unwind and relax during lunch or after classes. Check with them for the location. Lockers are also available in Sutherland Hall, and these may be checked out through Student Affairs Department. Food Service Biola provides an excellent food service for all resident students. A wide variety of offerings are available at each meal, includ­ ing a choice of hot entrees, a salad bar, sev­ eral specialty salads, soups, fresh fruits, breads, beverages, and desserts. Three meal plans are avai lable, and all resident students are required to choose one of the three: a full service plan (con­ sisti ng of 19 meals per week), a 15-meal plan, or a I0-meal plan. For students with special dietary requirements prescribed by a physician, our food service personnel are willing to work with 1nd1v1dual needs. Commuting students may purchase one of the regular meal plans, or one of three special commuter passes.

Students are expected to supply their own linens (sheets, pillow cases and towels, blankets, pillow, bedspreads) and electric_ irons. No cooking equipment 1s allowed 1n the residence hall rooms. Student Affairs has qual ified staff mem­ bers supervising the development and well-being of the individual students 1n each residence hall unit. All students living in the residence halls take their meals in the university cafeteria. Residence Requirements All unmarried freshmen, sophomores and juniors under 21 years of age and not living with their parents are expected to live in the residence hal ls 1f they are en­ rolled for ten units or more. Seniors and . postgraduate students ma1 live in the resi­ dence halls on a space-available basis. Re­ quests for exceptions are to be directed 1n writing to the manager of the residence halls. Housing Reservation All accepted appl icants wdl be sent a housing information card with the notice of acceptance which must be filled out and returned by all who plan to live on campus. Applicants must_remit a $50 room reservation deposit 1n add1t1on to the $50 enrollment deposit. No room can be reserved without this deposit. Applicants who have paid the $50 room reservation deposit and are unable to en~ roll may request a refund of this deposit if the university has been notified prior to July 15 that the applicant will be unable to enroll for the fall semester or prior to De­ cember I 5 for the spring semester. Failure to notify Biola by the designated dates will result in forfeiture of the deposit. At this time Biola is not able to offer any housing for married students, but does have a housing office to aid students in finding off­ campus housing.

Bookstore The University Bookstore is open six days and two evenings a week to supply all textbooks and a large selection of other Christian and general trade books. Com­ puter hardware and software, gift items, cards, records and tapes, school and art supplies, stationery, and items for personal needs are also available. A large selection of Bibles in a variety of styles and bindings are available. Student Health Services Biola University offers health services for all registered student s. These services can be obtained at the campus Student Health Center-. Physician hours change from semester to semester and are post­ ed on the doors of the university health center. . There are minimal users ' fees, primarily for elective treatments, lab fees and medi­ cations. There is no charge to see a physi­ cian. A medical consent form must be signed by parent or guardian for all unmarried . students under eighteen years of age. This consent form does not take away a stu- . dent's privilege of choosi ng his own medi­ cal care. Students carrying seven units or more are required to have physical exam1nat1ons prior to coming to Biola University. These records must be complete and on file with the university health center. Biola offers protection to the student against certain expenses ca_used by acci­ dent, injury or emergency illness rn the form of a requ ired plan of medical insur­ ance. Biola offers protection to the student against certain expenses caused by acci­ dent, injury or emergency ill ness rn the form of a required plan of medical insur­ ance. This requirement can be warved rf a student shows proof of other health and accident insurance at the time of registra­ tion each semester. The cost of th is insur­ ance is subject to change from time to time by the company. Students who par­ ticipat e in intercollegiate athletics are re­ quired to participate in an add1t1onal sup­ plemental athletic insurance plan. The cost of this insurance 1s subject to change from time to time by the company.

Biola recognizes that education does not take place exclusively in the classroom; rather, the individual student 1s viewed as a "whole per-son" and we are committed to contributing to his or her development 1n the social, personal, physical and spiritual areas of life, as well as in the academic area. Toward that end, several depart­ ments are devoted to th is emphasis. The Student Affairs Department is responsible for programs and activities both 1n the residence hal ls and throughout the campus community. Also, they supervise such areas as career planning, finan_c1al aid , health services, discipline, advisement to student organizations, publ ications, new student orientation, counseling and testing, learning skills development, ethnic and in­ ternational student relations and campus safety. Auxiliary Services Department 1s responsible for the business management of the residence halls, the cafeteria, the bookstore and the scheduling of facilities for Biola's various programs Residence Life The residence halls are more than a place for students to sleep and study. We also see the halls as a place for a person to develop in all areas of his or her life. Pro­ grams and staff are therefore available to provide such growth We see t he resi­ dence hall as an exciting, challenging place to live. There are resident directors and assistants available in each hall to assist you. The Residence Halls Most rooms accommodate two stu­ dents and are equipped with ind ividual study desks, single beds, individual ward­ robe closets and chest of drawers. Each residence hall has laundry rooms equipped with metered washing machines and dry­ ers.


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