take History 210, Themes in American H istory to complete the requirement Alternate route for meeting a minimum of four units of History I 00 and four units of History 200 or Political Science 200. Students who demonstrate proficiency in their knowledge of History I 00, 200 or Political Science 200 may opt for more ad­ vanced courses in these fields to meet their eight unit requirement The respec­ tive departments administer proficiency examinations twice a year in September and February for those who want to quali­ fy fo1· more advanced courses. History 470 (one unit) or Political Sci­ ence 480 (one unit) must be taken concur­ rently with any departmentally approved three unit upper division course in these fields to meet the four unit general educa­ tion requirement in both history and politi­ 3 units Any one of the following will meet this re­ quirement: 202 Introduction to Philosophy 205 Logic 30 I Greek and Roman Philosophy 302 Medieval Philosophy 303 Modern Philosophy 305 Ethics Physical Education 4 activities cal science. Philosophy Physical Education Orientation (PED I00) is mandatory for freshmen. Maximum of two semesters credit for same activity. Stu­ dents 21 or becoming 21 during their first semester at B1ola University are exempt from physical education requirement (See page 62 for complete information on 3 units lntercultural Studies 300, Psychology 200 or Sociology 220. Check the catalog to determine which ma­ JOrs require Psychology 200 as a support course. Science/Mathematics 8 units (Computer science courses not allowed) Eight units are 1·equired in science physical education) Behavioral Science and/or mathematical sciences. A minimum of three units in math and three units in sci­ ence is required. Biology I00 with I IO and Physical Science IO I have both been de­ signed for the student with a limited back-

ground in science. Those with a strong background may choose other courses with guidance from the department as long as individual prerequisites are met Options: Biology I 00 and I I I , I I 0, I 20, I 30, 290 Chemistry I 00, IOI , I 02, I 05, I 06 Mathematical Sciences (Intermediate al­ gebra or above) Physical Science IO I, I 03, I I 0, 250 * NOTE: Bio 271 and 272 are for nursing and physical education majors only. Electives Normally a student has considerable freedom in the choice of electives in addi­ tion to the biblical studies and theology, general education and major require­ ments. However, 1n addition to the note given at the end of the biblical studies and theology requirements, the non-music ma­ jor is limited to a maximum of eight units of credit in applied music (including ensem­ bles) and the non-physical education major is limited to eight units of credit in physical education/recreation/camping activity or skill courses. Student Ministry and Character All undergraduate students carrying six units or more are required to become in­ volved in a weekly student ministry of their choice. Since a completed ministry each semester is required for graduation, a record is kept of completed ministries. In addition to receiving satisfactory scholastic rating in all required cou rses, a student is expected to give satisfactory evi­ dence of genuine Christian character and soundness of doctrine, and have met all fi­ nancial obligations to be eligible for a de­ gree. Daily chapel (attendance required) has for its purpose the deepening of the stu­ dent's spiritual life. Through a variety of Christian speakers and programs the stu­ dent is made aware of the purposes and program of evangelical Christianity throughout the world.

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