Department Of Art Jack Schwarz, D MA, Chair Faculty Associate Professor: Zamora Ass istant Professor: Steketee Instructors: Krammes, Weir

130 INTRODUCTION TO STUDIO ARTS (3) A study of the primary historical stylistic periods of man's work in the visual arts . Classroom experience will allow for hand's on experiences in working with a variety of materials in both 2-D and 3-D media. Fee: $15.00 203 ILLUSTRATION (3) Exploration of various illustration materials and techniques. For advertising design ma­ JOr Fee: $15.00. 207 LETTERING (3) Offered during interterm only Basic styles of lettering; practice in pen and brush let­ tering; display signs and manuscript proiects. No prerequisi t e. For non-maiors. Fee: $15.00. 210 SCULPTURE I (3) A basic course that teaches sculpture as an artistic expression. Instruction includes welding, fabrication, forging and simple mold making techniques. Prerequisite: I I I or consent Fee $25.00. 21 I CERAMICS I (3) A basic introduct ion to clay and glaze tech­ niques which will be des igned to introduce wheel throwing in the following semesters. Hand building techniques and the aesthet­ ics of ceramic design will be the emphasis. No prerequisite. Fee: $25. 212 PRINTMAKING (3) Introduction to intaglio printmaking tech ­ niques. Studio prob lems in platemaking and printing. Prerequisite: I 07. Fee $15.00 21 3 PAINTING I (3) Basic color theory and painting techniques. T1·aditional to contemporary styles will be explored. Prerequisite I07 or consent Fee $20. 221 PHOTOGRAPHY I (3) Experience in fundamentals of black and white photography covering both creative and technical aspects. Prerequisite: 221 Fee: $30.00 (See also Communication 246)

304 CERAMICS II (3) The development of beginning throwi ng skills will be the emphasis and basic glaze formation. Studies on ceramic design aes­ thetical development Prerequisite: 21 I or consent Fee $25. 305 SCULPTURE II (3) Emphasis is placed on independent creativ­ ity and new approaches covering w ide range of media and methods with a con ­ centration on the format ion of ideas and their interpretations. Prerequ isite: 210 or consent Fee: $25. 306 ELEMENTARY ART WORKSHOP (3) Developing and prepar ing art prOJects suit­ able for elementary school pupi ls . Prereq­ uisite Core requirements. Fee: $20. 307 DRAWING Ill (3) Drawing problems emphasizing figure drawing, but including total light and space environments . Fee: $15.00. 308 PAINTING II (3) Concentration on developing imaginative resources of the ind ividual through the use of oils and acrylics . Color. shape, image, vi­ sual, ideas and techniques are covered. Prerequ isite 213 or consent Fee: $15 310 PRINTMAKING II (3) Introduction to lithography Direct drawing on stone with crayon and tusche. Prerequ i­ site 212 or consent Fee: $15.00. 31 I 20TH CENTURY ART HISTORY (3) The history of painting, sculpture and ar ­ chitecture from 1890 to 1970. Major aes­ thetic issues that shaped 20th century art will be examined. 312 TYPOGRAPHY (3) A basic course in the proper use of type application, typographical texture, integra­ tion and copy fitting. Prerequisite Core requi1·ement Fee $ 15.

Department Minor: The student must complete lower division courses I00, I07, I IO and six units of electives , plus six units of upper division courses totaling 21 units. I00 ART APPRECIATION (3) An introduction to the history of art crit i­ cism and aesthetics ; a visual analysis of works of art; comparative studies on se­ lected printings and sculptures. Designed for non-majors. Fee $1 0. IO I ART HISTORY I (3) Survey of ancient to medieval art; empha­ sis on works of architecture, sculpture, painting and their significance in general world culture. I02 ART HISTORY II (3) Historical and cultural considerat ion of vi­ sual art from the Rena issance to the I9th century I04 CRAFTS (3) Introductory studies in various forms of hand icrafts, includ ing silk screening, text iles, stained glass, leather and weaving. Fee: $20. I07 DRAWING I (3) An introduction to drawing, perspective, line, shape, value texture and composition. Fee: $15. I08 DRAWING II An introduction to fundamentals of draw­ ing the human figure from gesture to fin­ ished work. Emphas is on shape, form, val­ ue, structure and ind ivi dual expression. Fee$15. I IO DESIGN I (3) A basic foundation course to establish visu­ al design concepts. This course examines elements and principles of two-dimension­ al design. Fee: $15. I I I THREE-DIMENSIONAL DESIGN (3) Basic techniques in three-dimensional form. Instruction includes preparation of drawings , models and construction. Fee: $15.

Objectives: The art department seeks to aid in the development of men and women for the life and production of the artist; to provide guidance in the develop­ ment of a biblical philosophy of art that re­ lates to the person, his Creator and in turn , to the world. Upon completion of the art maior, the student should have be­ gun to develop an adequate foundational understanding of various areas of expres­ sion: in areas of studio arts, graphic design and art education. Through development of skills, philosophy and historical perspec­ tives of art, the Biola graduate should be prepared for post graduate study or a ca­ reer in art in either secular or Christian re­ lated enterprises. Majors: A Bachelor of Arts degree re­ quiring 54 semester hours in art is offered with emphasis in studio arts, graphic design and art education. Studio arts and art education emphasis majors must completeā€¢a basic core of 36 units of art: IO I, I02, I07, I08, I I 0, I I I, 210, 21 I, 212, 213 , 3 I I and 3 I 5. Specific additional requirements for these degree options are: Studio Arts: 18 units 304,305,308, 310,4001evelart electives (6 units) and 460. Graphic Design emphasis majors must complete the following: IO I , I02, I07, I08, I I 0, I I I, 203, 212, 213, 22 1, 3 I 0, 31 I , 312, 313, 315, 322, 419, 420 and 460. Art Education: 9 un its 304,306,3 10 NOTE: Completion of art maior fulfills the general education requirement for fine arts.


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