352 MARINE BIOLOGY (4) Int roduction to oceanography, marine plant and animal diversi t y, and ecological relationships . Research technology empha­ sizes through field trip observation and group experimentation. Th ree hours lec­ ture, four hours laboratory. Prerequisite: I IOor I I I . Lab fee $20. 40 I POPULATION BIO LOGY (4) Genetics, evolution and ecology related to biological populations encompassi ng all living organisms ; experimental genet ics and field biology emphasized in laboratory. Th1-ee hours lecture, four hours laborato­ ry. Prerequisite: 21 I or 222. Lab fee $20. 402 PARASITO LOGY (4) Taxonomy, life history, physiology, ecol­ ogy, and morphology of animal parasites wi th emphasis on those affect ing man. Th1-ee hours lecture. four hours laborat o­ ry. Prerequisites: I I I , 2 1 I . Alternate years. Lab fee $20. 4 1 I BIOCHEMISTRY I (3) Structures and properties of biomolecular components of cells includ­ ing protei ns, carbohyd rates, lipids, nucleot ides, nucleic aci ds, vi tamins and coenzymes, ki netics and mechanism and regulat ion of enzyme action in biological systems . Prerequisi te: Chemistry 302. A l­ t ernate years. 4 12 BIOCHEMISTRY II (3) Mathematical t reatment of bioener­ getics emphasizi ng major concepts and problem solving; pri nciples of metabolic processes, bio logi cal control and regula­ tory processes. Prerequisite : Chemistry 302 (Chemistry 402 1-ecommended). 422 LABORATORY IN BIOCHEMISTRY (2) An integrated laboratory course to ac­ company 4 1 I , 41 2. Modern techniques in molecular genetics, metabolic processes, bioenergetics and enzyme mechanism. Six hours laboratory. One hour discussion/ quiz. Prerequi site Chemistry 30 I . Alter ­ nate years. Lab fee $35.

27 1 HUMAN ANATOMY (3 ) Basic structure and function of the hu­ man body; laboratory dissection of a rep­ resentative mammal and cadaver. Two hours lecture, one hour prelab, three hours laboratory. Lab fee: $20. 272 PHYSIOLOGY (4) The basi c concepts of physio logical reg­ ulation from the leve l of the cell to the in­ tegrated intact organ ism. Emphasis of cel­ lular regulat ion and int roduct ion to neural , muscu lar, hormonal and neuro endocri ne regu latory systems. Laboratory includ ing human systems analysis , histology and electrophysiology. Three hours lecture, one hour prelab, th ree hours laboratory. Prerequ isit e: college chemistry. Lab fee: $20. 290 NATURAL HISTORY OF MARINE MAMMALS ( I ) Biology and natural history of mar ine mammals with special emphasis on the California gray whale. Teach ing techn iques for marine mammal conservation and biol­ ogy. Observation of whale migration. Pre­ requisite: consent 300 HEALTH SCIENCE (3 ) Fulfills the teacher certificat ion requ ire­ ment in health education. Proper nutrit ion and obesity; mental health and cop ing w ith stress; drugs, tobacco and alcohol abuse; human sexuality; physical fitness and dis­ ease; first aid. Three hours lecture. Prereq ­ uisite: ma1or in physical education and/or teach ing credential cand idate. Not for gen­ eral education requirement in the sciences. 30 I VERTEBRATE BIOLOGY (4) Biology of vertebrate animals w ith em­ phasis on comparit1ve anatomy ; laboratory dissection of representative vertebrates (shark, mud puppy, cat). Prerequisites: I I I and 21 I . Alternate years. Lab fee $20.

3 IOPROSECTION (I) An introduction to the human body through dissection and demonst rati on of a selected port ion of a human cadaver. Thir­ ty hours of labmatory. Prerequisite con­ sent Dissection fee $25. (May be repeat­ ed for a maximum of two unit s credit) 31 I NEUROBIOLOGY (4) Brain structure and function. Psychologi­ cal , neurophysiological and ho1-mone correlat es of behavior emphasized . Labo­ ratory study of brai n anat omy, electro ­ physiology, elect rode implant techniques and hormone and drug experimentation . Three hours lecture, four hours laborato­ ry. Prerequisite I 00 or I I I . Lab fee $20 . 312 CELL A ND MOLECULAR BIOLOGY (3) The structure, function and methods of studyi ng tissues, cells and organelles . Mo­ lecular, gene and chromosome bio logy. Th ree hou1-s lecture, one hour discussion/ quiz . Prerequisit e I I I , Chemistry 30 I. Laboratory st udy emphasizing cell and tissue cul t ure techniques, methodo logy in cell physiology, molecular biology, cytoge­ netics, photomicrography and histological techniques. Six hours laboratory, one hour discussion/quiz. Prerequisites I I I , Chem­ istry 30 I. Lab fee : $ 35. 322 LABO RATORY IN CELL AND MOLECULAR BIO LOGY (2) 333 NATURAL HISTORY O F BAJA CALIFORNIA (3) Systematics, distribution, behavior and ecology of t he common plants and animals of Baja. Emphasis on desert ecology, bird and whale migrations. Lecture and an ex­ tended field t rip. Prerequisites: I 00 or I I I and I I 0. Trip fee $200 . 342 GENETICS (3) Princi ples of heredity including Mende­ lian, molecular, cytogenet ics and human ge­ net ics with emphasis on human genetic dis­ eases. Prerequisite: I 00 or I I I

Directed research (l iterature or labora­ tory) in selected areas of biology with writ­ ten and/or oral presentations by students; intended to st imu late inqu iry and creative thought May be used for general educa­ tion science requirements. 211 INVERTEBRATE BIOLOGY (4) Taxonomy and morphology of inverte­ brate animal phyla; laboratory dissection of invertebrates. Three hours lecture, four hours laboratory. Prerequisite: I 00 or I I I . Lab fee $20. 221 MICROBIOLOGY (4) Beneficial and pathogenic significance of microorgan isms (bacteria, fungi, protozoa, viruses); identification, control and meth­ odology. Three hours lecture, four hours laboratory. Prerequisites: Chemistry IO I or I 05. Lab fee $20. 222 BOTANY (4) The study of the organs, t issues, func­ tions and responses to environment of typical flowering plants and the morphol­ ogy and life history of the major plant groups. Some classification of local forms is included and a plant anatomy project is re­ qu ired using the scann ing electron micro­ scope. Three hours lecture, four hours laboratory. Prerequisite: I 00 or I I I. Lab fee: $20. 262 NATURAL HISTORY OF SOUTH­ ERN CALI FORNIA (4) Common plants and an imals of south­ ern California emphasizing those easily ob­ served and collected. Life history, identifi­ cat ion and ecological relationships of local forms stressed. Man's impact and usage of the southern California ecosystem. Three hours lecture, three hours laboratory (in­ cluding four extended field tr ips). Prereq­ uisites: I 00, I IO or I I I . Transportat ion fee $35.


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