371 EARLY CHILDHOOD CHRISTIAN EDUCATION (4) Discovery and evaluation of methods and materials appropriate for achieving learning objectives which meet t he phys­ ical, mental, social, emoti onal and spirit ual needs of preschool children (birth through ki ndergarten age) within church-home educational designs. Each student will orga­ nize his find ings into an enlistment and training model which he can administer t o teachers and parents of preschool children (birth through kindergarten age). Students may choose CE. 372, 373 or 374. Prereq­ uisites: CE. 150, 261. 372 CH ILDHOOD CHRIST IAN EDUCA­ T ION (4) Discovery and evaluation of methods and materials appropriate for achieving learni ng objectives which meet the phys­ ical, ment al, social, emotional and spiritual needs of school-age ch ildren (grade one through grade six). Students may choose CE. 37 1, 373 or 374. Prerequisi t es: CE. 150,261 . 373 CHRISTIAN EDUCATION OF YOUTH (4) Examination of the adolescent in our culture with emphasis upon designing a ministry to this age level withi n the context of the local church and parachurch agen­ cies. Each student wi ll prepare a model ministry to this age level Uun ior high through co llege-age) for use in enlistment and trai ning of workers and parents. Stu­ dents may choose CE. 371, 372 or 374. Prerequisites : CE. 150, 261. 374 CHRISTIAN EDUCATION OF ADULTS (4) Examination of needs, curricula, pro­ grams, methods and audio-visuals used by church and other agencies with adults. In­ cludes worship, counseling, recreation and stewardship. Students may choose C E. 371, 372 or 373. Prerequisit es: CE. I 50, 26 1. 382 FOUNDATIONS OF CHRISTIAN EDUCATION PHILOSOPHY (3) Introduction to philosophy that bears di-

rectly upon the Christian ministry with particular attention to the teaching and learning process. Each student will be ex­ pected to analyze his own view of the teachi ng and learning process to establish t he framework for a personal and biblical phi losophy of Christian education. Prereq­ uisites : CE. 150, 251, 252. 350 FIELD EXPERIENCE I (2) Structured experiences in observation of three age levels, including adults. Also emphasized will be the evaluation of each student's personal skills, gifts and abilities to aid in placement for subsequent field ex­ periences and future employment in Christian education. For Christian educa­ tion majors only. Prerequisites: CE. 150, 251, 252, 261 . 360 FIELD EXPERIENCE II (2) Structured experiences in teaching the Bible in a field setti ng w ith a selected age group. Lesson preparation, execution and evaluation will be emphasized. Christian education majors only. Prerequisites : CE. 350, 260. 450 FIELD EXPERIENCE Ill (2) Structured experiences in enlistment and traini ng for Christian education in a field setti ng w ith a selected age group. As­ sessment of leadership t raini ng needs, preparation of training mat erials, imple­ mentat ion of training programs and evalua­ tion of traini ng effectiveness will be stressed. For Christian education majors only. Prerequisite: CE. 360. 460 FIELD EXPERIENCE IV (2) Structured experiences in the supervi­ sion of a limited educational ministry pro­ gram in a selected field setting. The final semester of field experience wil l ut ilize all of the knowledge, att itudes and skills in the fulfil lment of a viable mi nistry of Christian education. For Christian educati on majors only. Prerequ isite: CE. 450. Electives 192 BI BLE TEACH ING RESOURCES (2) Geography of Bible lands as well as

manners and customs of Bible times to en­ rich Bible teaching. Offered spring semes­ ter. Prerequisite: none. 319 MEDIA IN MINISTRY (2) Skil l development in the design and use of audio-visual t echnology for use in minis­ try for all age levels and in a w ide variety of teach ing settings. Offered fall semester. Prerequisite: none. 412 MISSIONS EDUCATION IN THE CHURCH (2) Basic administration of a program within the church's educational program through which missions is taught to all age level s. Alternate years, offered spring semester, 1984. Prerequisite: none. 416 CURRICULUM DEVELOPMENT (2) Essential elements in cur r iculum forma­ tion including intensive study of varied ex­ isti ng curricula, contemporary trends in curriculum production and curricu lum writing experience. Offered spring semes­ ter. Prerequ isite: one of the CE. age level courses 37 1, 372, 373 or 374. 417 PRACTICE BIBLE TEACHING (2) Skill development in Bible teaching, with particular emphasis upon lesson prepara­ t ion and evaluation of lessons practice taught in class. Offered fall semester. Pre­ requisite CE. 252. 422 SINGLES MINISTRIES IN THE CHURCH (2) Issues and needs of never-married and formerly married persons, including identi­ ty crisis, role definition, self-acceptance and the development of intimacy. Resources , programs and skills for ministering to these needs are emphasized. Alternate years, of­ fered spring semester, 1984. Prerequisite: none. 423 COUNSELI NG THEORIES AND ISSUES FOR THE CHRIST IAN WORKER (2) Introductory investigation of selected counseling theories employed by staff members of church and parachurch agen-

cies. The examination of each theory will include: historical background, basic con­ cepts, process, mechanisms, case exam­ ples, evaluation and application to specific counseling issues. Offered fall semester. Prerequisite: none. 424 TECHN IQUES OF COUNSELING FOR USE IN THE CHURCH (2) Distinctives of the counselor in a church or parachurch agency, their qualifications and necessary counseling techniques. Spe­ cial emphasis will be placed upon the stu­ dent's development through experiential practice of "people-helping skills" from a Christian perspective. Offered spring se­ mester. Prerequisite: CE. 423.


Biblical concepts of the fami ly; survey of the needs of whole and fragmented fam­ ilies in the church; resources and tech­ niques available for churches and parachurch agencies to meet these needs. Offered spring semester. Prerequisite: none. 470 DISCIPLESHIP DEVELOPMENT (2) Exploration of the biblical teaching about the disciple-making ministry; person­ al requirements, objectives, essential com­ ponents and applications to the local church and parachurch agencies. Emphasis w ill be on developing a personalized fol­ low-up program that leads a new believer to be able to trai n another to do the same. Offered both semesters. Prerequisite: CE. 251 480 INDEPENDENT STUDY IN CHRISTIAN EDUCATION ( 1-3) Development of skill in independent study of topics in the field of Christian edu­ cation. Offered both semesters. P,-erequi­ site Senior level Chr istian education ma­ jors only and departmental approval. May be repeated.


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