Department of History and Geography Dietrich Buss, PhD, Chair Faculty Professor: D. Buss, Wi lshire Associate Professors A Carden, Young Assistant Professor: Harrison Objectives: Department objectives are to increase the general knowledge in and understanding of history, to encourage analytical thinking in dealing with historical problems, including the relationsh ip of Christianity to culture, to enhance profi­ ciency in research and writing, and to stim­ ulate interest in the reading of literature bearing on the discipline. Offerings in ge­ ography are designed to develop under­ standing of and appreciation for the phys­ ical and cultural landscapes. Emphasis is on regional studies. Those interested in ac­ quiring a background in physical geography are urged to take physical science and ge­ ography survey IO I . History Department Major: 30 units beyond the general education requirement. of which 24 must be upper division including 327, 480 or 490 and 491 . Political science 200 is required as a supporting course. Concen­ tration of 12 units of course work in one of the following areas: Asian Civil ization, Civilization of the Americas or European Civilization. History majors preparing for graduate school should include a foreign language in their program with advice of the depart­ ment. Department Minor: 18 units beyond the general education requirements, of which 12 mu~t be upper division. The stu­ dent is advised to take at least I 2 units in one area of concentration.

Spanish Students desiring to enroll in Spanish are strongly advised to do so during their freshman and sophomore years. Objectives: Upon completion of the 18 upper division units for a Spanish concen­ tration of the humanities major, (3 I0, 3 I I and four four-hundred level courses: usual­ ly 40 I and 402, and 403 and 404), it is in­ tended that the st udent: demonstrate pro­ ficiency in Spanish by fluency in speaking, reading and writ ing the language; have an understanding of the major historical events and cult ural epochs; and have an ac­ quaintance with major personalities and their contributions to civilization. Students with high school Spanish should consult with t he department for place­ ment. Students whose native language is Span­ ish may not take lower-division courses for credit but must take a placement test to continue Spanish. Advancement from one course in the lower division sequence to the next will require demonstration of proficiency. IO I, I02 ELEMENTARY SPANISH (4, 4) The fundamentals of pronunciation, gram­ mar, conversat ion and readi ng. Taught by the Audio-Lingual method with emphasis on diction, comprehension, reading and writing. Five hours each week. I03, I04 BASIC SPANISH FOR HEALTH PERSONNEL (4, 4) Basic skills in Spanish with emphasis on communicating in health-related terms. Offered when demand is sufficient for a class of 20 st udents. 20 I INTERMEDIATE SPANISH (4) Advanced grammar, composition, in­ creased facil ity in reading and conversa­ tion. Five hours each week. Either semes­ ter. 310, 31 I ADVANCED SPANISH (3, 3) Advanced work in readi ng, writing and conversation. Prerequis ite 20 I or equiv­ alent.



Review of accidence and advance in syntax wi th extensive reading and translation in various parts of the Greek New Testa­ ment. Prerequisite: I02 or equivalent. 30 I , 302 HELLEN ISTIC GREEK (3, 3) Readings in the Septuagint and the New Testament together with selections from Jewish, patristic and pagan writers of the Hellenistic period. Prerequisite: two years of Greek. 405 INTRODUCTION TO NEW TESTAMENT TEXTUAL CRITICISM (3) A survey of the materials, history and the­ ories of New Testament textual criticism. Prerequisites: doctr ine I00 and two years of Greek. 406 PRAXIS OF NEW TESTAMENT TEXTUAL CRIT ICISM (3) Designed to develop abilit y to gather and evaluate the evidence for various readi ngs in the text of t he New Testament. Prereq­ uisite: 405 or consent. 407 ADVANCED GREEK GRAMMAR (3) A n in-depth study of syntax focusi ng on nuances of grammar and style. To facilitate this study, in addition to the use of ad­ vanced grammars, special stud ies and arti­ cles, extensive use is made of examples drawn from biblical and extra bi blical lit­ erature. Prerequisi t e 30 I and 302. 409, 410 READI NGS IN BIBLICAL GREEK (1-3, 1-3) Individual research for advanced students in areas of bi blical (LXX or N .T) Greek grammar and t ranslation. Prerequisite: three years of Greek and/or consent 4 1I , 412 READINGS IN CLASSICAL GREEK ( 1-3, 1-3) Individual research for advanced students in classical grammar and literature. Study may include one or more of the following areas Homer, hist o r ians, playwrights, Pla­ t o , Demosthenes. Prerequisite: three years of Greek and consent

A survey of literat ure of Hispanic America to modern times; reading and discussion of outstanding literary works and move­ ments. Conducted in Spanish. Prerequ i­ sites: 3 I 0, 3 I I or equivalent and consent of instructor. Alternate years.


A survey of the literature of Spain from earliest times to present; reading and dis­ cussion of the outstanding literary works and movements. Conducted in Spanish. Prerequisites: 3 I 0, 3 I I or equivalent. Al ­ ternate years. 407 THE SPANISH AMERICAN NOVEL (3) Rep resentative novels of Spanish America; emphasis on characteristics and styles; lit­ erary movements and influences. Prereq­ uisites: 40 I, 402. Alternate years. 408 HISPANIC THEATER (3) Significant works of the drama of Spain and Latin America. Prerequisites: 40 I , 402. Al­ ternate years. 41 I LITERATURA DEL SIGLO XIX (3) Representative works of Larra, Galdos, Pardo Bazan, Clarin, Unamuno, Azorin, Baroja. Prerequisites: 403, 404. Alternate years. 412 CONTEMPORARY SPANISH LITERATURE (3) Current literature and developing trends. Prerequisites: 403, 404. Alternate years. 480 DIRECTED RESEARCH ( 1-3) Ind ividual research and writing for ad­ vanced students by special arrangement. Prerequisites: senior standing and consent (students must have taken 40 I, 402, 403 and 404 or equivalents). May be repeated with different content


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