of academic majors and vocational inter­ ests. Students are involved in the American Studies Program for periods of three or four months. The internship/seminar op­ portun ity is avai lable September through early May, with two special concent rated study periods during the summer. Prereq­ uisite: Survey of American Government 200. Interest ed students shou ld see the chairman of the department of politi cal sci­ ence and public administration, who also serves as director of the Biola/Washi ngton D.C. American Studies Program to make application to the program. California Teaching Credential: To qualify for a secondary teaching credential in Gov­ ernment, the program must be tailored to meet the guidelines for teacher education. See the public administration department for specifics. 200 SURVEY OF AMERICAN GOVERN­ MENT (4) The history, organization and function of the legislative, judicial and executive branches of the American government. In­ cludes one hour per week involving stu­ dents in a local government civic service or li fe experience activity. Satisfies the state requirement in insti tutions in American history. Meets the requirement for Unit ed States Constitution for California t eacher certification. May be taken to satisfy a por­ tion of the eight unit history general educa­ tion requirement. 30 I FUNDAMENTALS OF PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION (3) Fundamentals of publ ic administrat ion; overview of the concepts, nature and scope of the field. Role of government in modern society and the nature of public business. 303 GREAT POLITICAL THINKERS(3) Selective read ings in major political think­ ers from classical to modern times; analysis of recurring themes including: justice, natu­ ral law, human nature, social class, order: consent, community, property, constitu­ t ionalism, social change, revolution, and war. Offered alternate years.

304 ORGANIZATIONAL THEORY AND BEHAVIOR (3) Key concepts central to organizing and changing publ ic agencies to meet publ ic so­ cial needs. Review of theories and manage­ rial approaches and methodologies in pub­ lic administrators. 305 COMPARATIVE GOVERNMENT (3) The government systems of England, France, West Germany and Russia com­ pared to the American system of govern­ ment. Offered alternate years. 306 PUBLIC POLICY (3) An analysis of public policy process and the political context of its formation. System­ atic review of the diverse financial systems in making and implementing public policy. 307 INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS (3) A survey of national-state system; forces affecting international relations; sources of confl ict in world politics, and their solution by power politics and internat ional cooperation. The organization and function of student government at the universi ty level; parlia­ mentary procedure, committee work and similarity to state and national legislative government. May be repeated for a maxi ­ mum of four units. (Limited to Biola Asso­ ciated Students Council members. Stu­ dents working for AS. for an hourly wage may not enroll.) 320 THE AMERICAN PRESIDENCY (3) Historical development of the office of the presidency; formal and informal powers of the president in executive, legislative, judi ­ cial, military, diplomatic and pol itical areas . 310 STUDENT GOVERNMENT PRACTICUM (I)

391 PUBLIC FINANCE (3) Traditional principles of public finance, gov­ ernment spend ing and fiscal impacts, de­ velopment of the public sector, budgets, taxation, procurement, pollution and ener­ gy incentives, state and local expenditure patterns, property taxes and revenue sharing. Prerequisites: 30 I ; Business 20 I , 202,2 12. 400 POLITICAL PARTIES (3) Analysis of the history, philosophy, organi­ zation and functioning of America's politi­ cal parties. 405 PROBLEMS IN AMERICAN DIPLO­ MACY (3) Growth and development of American foreign relations from the Revolution to the present. Analysis of the conduct of for­ eign relations, its objectives and limitations. 406 LEGISLATION (3) The mechanical ru les, procedures and cus­ toms in the making of laws in American government. Offered alternate years. 407 INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZA­ TION (3) The history, objectives, structure, funct ions and politics involved in the United Nations. Offered alternate years. 470 PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION RE­ SEARCH AND WRITING (3) Research and writing for public administra­ tion majors. Special studies in public ad­ ministration for majors utilizing the tech­ niques of problem-solving, research and effective communication and writing. Pre­ requisite: 30 I . 480 STUDIES IN POLITICAL SCIENCE (1-8) Specialized study in political science in such areas as American government, legislation, state and local government, fore ign affairs, international relations, political theory, comparative governments, the American presidency, the citizen and the law, pol iti cal parties, law and public administration. May be repeated with different section title for a maximum of eight units.

485 PUBLIC LAW (3) Function of law in protecting the public's interest in preserving the environment. En­ vironmental laws, admi nistrative action, freedom of information, air and water qualit y, noise pollut ion, solid waste, pesti­ cides, land use, zoning, energy and agency decision making. Prerequisite: Business 36 1. Junior or sen ior standing. Government personnel systems, merit concepts, classification , compensation, training, examinations, organizations, labor relations and collective bargaining. Prereq­ uisites: 200, 30 I , 485. 488 INTERNSHIP AND RESEARCH PROJECT (8) Provides an opportunity to complete an internship and a research proj ect in a pub­ lic agency. Project consists of identi fication and analysis, with guidance, of a chosen area in public organization. 486 PERSONNEL AND HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT (3) 490 INTERNSH IP IN POLITICAL SCI­ ENCE ( 1-8) In-service training and internship experi­ ence in various government and non-gov­ ernment agencies and organizati ons. May be repeated with different section title for a maximum of eight units.


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