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Family Background Father's name ____________________ If deceased, when7 __________________

Where employed? __________________ Position ______________________

_______ _____ Number of years ____________ ______ If father attended college, where7

Mother 's full name __________________ If deceased, when7 __________________ (INCLUDE MAIDEN NAME) Where employed7 ----------------------------------------- If mother attended college , where? ____________ Number of years ____________ _ _____ If par-ents are separated, give date of separation ------ -------------------------- MONTH YEAR If parents are separat ed, with whom do you live/ ------- ------------------------ Brothers ________ ____ Sisters _____________ Number of children older than yourself: Brot hers ____________ Sisters _____________ Number of children younger than yourself:

Members of your family who have attended Biola ------------------------------­

Educational Experience

Anticipated (or past) graduation date from high school---------------------------- MONTH YEAR Name of high school __________________________________________

Address of high school ---------------------------------- ----- CITY STATE If you have graduated from high school, list in chronological order your act ivities since high school graduation. (Schools attended, employment, military service, extended travel, etc.) Schools must be listed even though you do not expect transfer credit Please include Biola extension courses, if applicable. School, Work, Travel Dates

Have you earned a degree from any college or university/ Yes O No O If yes, complete the following: Co llege _________ ___________ ___________ Degree:__________

Major: _____________________________ ____ Date Conferred: _______

Have you ever been dismissed or placed on academic or discipl inary probation/ Yes O No O If yes, explain the circumstances:

The Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) or ACT is REQUIRED, un less as a transfer you will have sophomore status (requires a minimum of 27 accepted units). Please indicate the test ing date on which you plan to take (or have taken) the: SAT ____ _________________ or ACT ________ ____________ MONTH YEAR MONTH YEAR NOTE: Regardless of transfer status nursing majors and students seeking a teaching credential must take the SAT

Indicate your possible major ------- -------------------------------­

What are your vocational goals?

NURSING MAJORS See catalog for procedures for acceptance into the school of nursing. Are you currently a Registered Nurse 7 _ __ A Licensed Vocational Nurse? ___ or enrolled in a nursing program/ _ _ _ Separate application must be made t o the nursing program for Registered Nurses, Licensed Vocat ional Nurses and all othe rs appl yi ng to t he department of nursing. Nursing departmental application for ms will be mailed upon receipt of this application. If you are transferr ing from another school, please explai n your reasons for wanti ng to transfer:

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