References The applicant is required to furnish two references : one from the applicant's pastor or youth pastor and one from the high school counse lor, principal or some other high school admin istrator who knows the applicant's record (those coming from another college should have a col lege professor or administrative staff member complete the form). The school reference may be given to an employer if the appl icant has been out of school for some time and has been employed. Pl ease indicate below the names, addresses and phone numbers of the individuals to whom you give the reference forms.

Pastor---------------------- -------------------------


At the discretion of the university, references from others may be advisable. Give full name and address information of two add itional ind ividuals from whom references may be secured: ----- ------------- ------------

Standards of Conduct Do You:

Check one:

Check one:

Use alcohol ic beverages? Use tobacco?

Yes_ No_ Yes _ No_


Yes _No_ Yes_No_

Gamble in any for m?

Biola University requires abstinence from all these during enrollment (no exceptions).

Biola is for earnest Christians who are sensitive to the many principles of Christian living that are found in the Bible. The university imposes certain specific guidelines for the conduct of faculty, staff and students. Although such man-made regulations cannot improve upon our stand ing in Christ. they can strengthen the life and testimony of both the individual and the university. To this end , Biola expects its faculty, staff and students to refrain from the use of alcoholic beverages and tobacco, and from gambling and dancing. Further, Biola deplores the morally degrading elements that are now found in all forms of the theater, the entertainment media and literature. Biolans are expected to abstain from all aspects of such that morally degrade. Biola University does not presume to be a censoring agency for all activities; it does, however, expect tangible evidence of maturing Christian convictions and discerning judgment. Biola reserves the right to dismiss a student who, in its judgment. does not conform either to the stated regulations governing student conduct or to the expressed principles, policies and programs of the university. I have read and understood the statement on the University standards of conduct as summarized above, and I agree to abide by these standards while a student at Biola. (The complete published statement of the standards of conduct is to be found in the Student Handbook and the Statement of Rights and Responsibilities which publications are distributed at the time of initial enrollment.)



Transcripts Please have your high school send a transcript of your record. Also we must have transcripts from any and all schools attended subsequent to high school. Applicants currently enrolled in school must have transcripts sent upon completion of enrollment. Pl ease indicate the approximate total of col lege semester credits you hope to transfer _ ____ Housing Applicants under 21 are expected to live on campus unless married or living at home with parents and within commuting distance of the campus. Reservations for on-campus hous ing w il l only be sent when the student is accepted for admission. No reservation is complete until both deposits (room and enrollment) are made. No on-campus housing is currently avai lable for married students. Do you w ish on-campus housing? Yes D No D If no, please indicate you r housi ng arrangements.

Class Load Please indicate the approximate number of semester units of credit you plan to carry:---· The average full-time class load is 15 or 16 units; one must car ry at least 12 units to be classified as a full-time student; those car rying between 7 and I I units are classified as part-time students; those carrying six units or less are classi fied as special students. The university reserves the right to impose limits upon the number of units a student may take when this is deemed advisable.

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