Reference Employer O (Check Appropriate Square) School O

Please return Form to: Director of Admissions Biola University 13800 Biola Avenue La Mirada, California 90639

TO THE APPLICANT: Print you r name and add ress on the two lines below and give to your high school counselor, principal or some other school administrator who is quali fi ed to give a reference for you. Transfers should submit form to a teacher or administrator in the college who knows the applicant Those who have been out of school for at least one year and have been working should submit this form to their employer. Applicant should provide a stamped envelope addressed to the director of admissions for the person filing the reference. Iwillingly waive my right of access to see this recommendation knowing that this waiver is NOT required as a condition for admission.


Name of Applicant ________ _____ _________________________ ___ LAST NAME FIRST NAME MIDDLE NAME

Applicant's Address ------------------------- --------------- STREET CITY STATE ZIP

I. General Evaluation

In some cases write in brief comments, in others, circle the best response.

I. How long have you known the applicant?---- ------------ - ------- - - -----­

In what relationship? ------ --------------------------------- 2. How well do you know the applicant? Very well well casually

3. What is your opinion regarding the aptitude of the applicant for further academic work?





highly enthusiast ic

no knowledge

4. You r opinion of the appl icant's level of social readiness for college :

Negative no knowledge 5. Do you feel the appl icant has leadership abil ity? Descri be briefl y. ___________________ _____ hesitant moderate strong highly enthusiastic

6. What goals does the applicant have? --------- -------------------- - --- 7. Appli cant's relationships with peer group:

sought out

admired but not sought out


Appl icant is:



8. Does the appl icant have a good self image? Describe. ----------------------------

9. How successful has the applicant been in school or work? _________________ ________ _

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