Placement The placement office works closely with students to assist them in securing part­ t ime internship positions in local area churches. These placements are an integral aspect of the field education practicum se­ quence of courses. The placement office also provides ca­ reer counseling for students and place­ ment information for graduating seniors and alumni seeking ministry in fields of ser­ vice to which they believe that the Lord has called them. The placement director along with the placement committee works closely with denominational and in­ terdenominational Christian leaders. Application Information Correspondence concerning admission should be addressed to the university of­ fice of admissions and records, which wi ll supply the applicant with the proper for ms. When these application forms and all transcripts of previous academic training have been filed, accompanied by two pho­ tographs and a $25 application fee, an ad­ missions decision will be made. Official no­ tification of the decision wi ll be sent by mail to the applicant. Applications must be filed at least one month before new stu­ dent orientation for the semester when entrance is planned in order to avoid an increased application fee of $35 instead of$25. Talbot Theological Seminary and School of Theology desires only qualified students and personnel who are committed to Jesus Christ. However, in the admission of stu­ dents, the hiri ng of employees or the op­ eration of any of its programs and act ivi­ ties, Talbot does not discriminate on the basis of the applicant's race, color, sex, handicap or national or ethnic origin. In­ quiries concerning this policy may be ad­ dressed to the semi nary compl iance direc­ tor for Title IX. Entrance requirements for each pro­ gram are listed on the page describing that program under the heading, Admission Requ irements.

Admission of International Students and Resident Aliens Engl ish Proficiency: It is essential that students from other countries be able to understand directions and lectures in En­ glish and also to be able to express their thoughts clearly in spoken English immedi­ ately upon arrival on campus. In order that the applicant's proficiency in English may be determined , the applicant must take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) as administered by the Educa­ tional Testing Service at the nearest over­ seas exami nation center. The minimum score for admission is a total score of 550 for the graduate student. For additional in­ formation see page 16. Pre-Seminary Study The following pre-seminary study guide­ lines are recommended for students who are planning to attend Talbot Seminary. The student should plan his or her colle­ giate curriculum so that moderate competence will be possessed in all of these areas and skills developed so that one can communicate easily, havi ng the ability to write and speak clearly with cor­ rect English prose. Note: The numerals in parentheses indi­ cate the suggested minimum number of semester units for each discipline. I. General Understandings A. Understanding of humanity Philosophy (3) Psychology (3) B. Understanding of modern social institutions and problems Social Science (6) C. Understanding of cultural history History (6) Fine Arts (3 ) D. Understanding of science and technology Math/Science (8) E. Understanding of the modes of communication English-composit ion and literature (9) Speech (3) II. Theological Understandings A. Bible content and interpretation (6)

of class work in the M.Div program, each student becomes eligible to register for field education internship. Thi s intensive supervised practice of the ministry is com­ posed of three clusters of learning: I) su­ pervised field exper ience for a min imum of I00 hours in each of two semesters; 2) semi nars w ith other students regist ered for field education internship; 3) individual counseling with the director of fi eld edu­ cation on specific aspects of the student's experience. The Campus The seminary has classroom, chapel and administrative office facilities locat ed in Myers Hall and Feinberg Hall. Metzger Hal l houses the institutional admi nistrative of­ fices including the admissions and records office. In addition, the seminary shares the li­ brary, cafeteria, coffee shop, residences, gymnasium, infirmary and prayer chapel with Biola University. Also available are a crushed brick quarter mile track, a soccer field, a baseball diamond, tennis courts and a short course Olympic swimmi ng pool. See p. 5 for a full campus description. Library The library contains over 170,914 vol­ umes, including bound journals and microforms with their respective readers. Special features of the library include an extensive index file of sermon outlines and il lustrations, an excellent collection of bib­ liographi c tools and journal indexes and a number of special collections. The pri ncipal theological Journals in Engli sh are received regular ly. Campus Housing and Dining Campus living quarters are available for si ngle men and women. Until facilities are filled , they are assigned according to the date of receipt of the $50 housi ng deposit. More detailed informat ion and housi ng re­ quest forms may be obtained from the di­ rector for residential programs, Metzger Hall, Biola University. Thi s office can also provi de some suggestions concerning off­ campus rooms and apartments.

Many off-campus students find it conve­ nient to dine in the campus cafeteria. For those who wish to eat there regularly, some cost savi ngs may be realized by using one of the meal ticket plans available rath­ er than paying cash. Married Student Housing The seminary has no housing facilities for married students, but t here are apart­ ments and homes available for rent in the immediate vici nity. For a listing giving an in­ dication of the apartment rental environ­ ment in this area, please contact the Biola Housing Office. The Seminary Wives Fellowship is an . organization of students' wives with the purpose of honor ing Christ by promoting spiritual welfare, Christian service and fel­ lowship among the seminary wives and by assisting the Associated Students of Talbot Theological Seminary and cooperating with the administrat ion. With the prior approval of the professor and as seating capacity al­ lows, seminary student wives or husbands may attend classes with their spouses. Employment While Biola University cannot guarantee employment, we have observed that pray­ er and God 's guidance have miraculously provided employment for our students in past years. Students should apply t o the university student employment offi ce (Metzger Hall, first floor ). We will make every effort to assist you by referring you to employment positions when available, commensurat e with your qualifications and in conformity with your daily class schedule. Talbot Seminary Wives Fellowship Students may also secure off-campus secular employment in a wide var iety of occupations. Local offices of the State of California Department of Employment can be very helpful in the location of these job openings. The placement office (see next item) can sometimes assist the student in secur­ ing part- or full-time employment in local area churches.


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