Phoenix Extension Center To help meet the needs of the 9th larg­ est urban area in the country for semi nary train ing. courses are offered at the Phoe­ ni x Extensi on Center. Classes meet in the facilities of Arizona College of the Bible, 2045 West Northern, Phoenix, Arizona 85021 and in Phoeni x area churches. Li­ brary facilities of Arizona College of the Bi­ ble and ot her surrounding schools are available for extension student use. Courses taken for credit at the extension are applicable toward several degree pro­ grams of the seminary including the Master of Divinity. For graduation, a minimum of 20 un its for the M.Div. degree and 24 units for M.A degrees must be taken on the main campus. Faculty commute from the La Mirada campus or are selected from the Phoenix area. Extended Day Classes Late afternoon and evening classes which meet one or two days a week are regularly offered at the La Mirada campus and the various extension centers. This ar­ rangement provides an opportunity for· a number of individuals to obtain a course or two each semester, when other responsi bililties prevent enrol lment as a regular student The courses offered are ident ical in content to those provided in the regular schedule and are applicable to­ ward the degree programs of the semi­ nary. An Extended Day Application may be secured from the office of admissions and records. Institute of Theological Studies Talbot Seminary is a charter member of the Institute of Theological Studies, a pro­ gram in which graduate level courses are offered by extension or independent study off-campus. This is a cooperative effort of several seminaries. General oversight to the program is given by the Deans ' Coun­ cil, which is composed of the Academic Deans of the member schools. These in­ clude Conservative Baptist Theological Seminary. Covenant Theological Seminary, Dallas Theological Seminary. Grace The­ ological Seminary. Talbot Theological Semi-

seminary and the church in a joint venture to build a quality library. The center has its own resident faculty as well as shared fac­ ulty who commute from the La Mirada campus. The same high quality instruction and academic standards are maintained as are enjoyed in La Mirada. For admission to thi s program, the app li­ cant must fo llow normal applicati on proce­ dures w it h t he university offi ce of admis­ sions and records in La Mirada, adding to the application the notation that studies are desired in the Talbot Val ley Campus. Los Angeles Extension Center Talbot offers at least 3 courses each se­ mester in the Los Angeles area as a service to students involved in inner city ministries. This allows students to maintain a high lev­ el of commitment to and involvement in their current ministries, while equipping themselves further. Courses are offered Monday and Thursday evenings and apply primarily toward the MA in Ministry de­ gree. as well as other· degree programs. The Los Angeles Extension Center uses the facilities at 7225 South Main Street, Los Angeles. A minimum of 24 units toward the M.A degree must be taken on the La Mirada Campus. For more details, please contact the Office of Admissions and Records, Biola University. Hispanic Extension Center The needs of Southern California's rap­ idly growi ng Hispan ic community for the­ ological education are provided for in Tal­ bot's Hispanic Extension program. To aid the student for whom English is a recent second language. courses are t aught in Spanish. These courses apply primarily to­ ward the Master of Arts in Ministry de­ gree. Classes are convenient ly scheduled evenings to allow the Christian leader to conti nue to be active in ministry and/or job. For the present, courses are offered on the La Mirada campus. Additional infor­ mation or application may be obtained from the Office of Admissions and Records, Biola University.

1 B. Theological methodology and in­ terpretation (6) 1. Linguistic Skills ( 12) At least one of the following: French German Greek Hebrew Latin Span ish Transfer of Credit · Transfer credit for acceptable work done in other graduate schools will be al ­ lowed for courses which are paral lel to those requ ired in the curriculum. Applica­ tions received by May I will be provided with transfer credit decisions at the poi nt of acceptance. Transfer credit for late ap­ plications will be accomplished duri ng t he fal l semester. Graduat e courses w ith grades of C or above at accredited institu­ tions or t hose validated w ith grades of B or above from approved unaccredited schools are considered as acceptable on a transfer basis. For validation procedure for unaccredited work, contact the admissions and records office. Talbot Valley Campus The seminary began offeri ng Mast er of Divi nity classes at the Talbot Valley Campus in the fall of 1977 to serve San Fernando Valley residents. The Valley campus is part of Talbot Theological Semi­ nary and School of Theology and all records and admin istrative functions are centra li zed at the La Mirada campus. All courses taught are applicable toward the degree programs of the semi nary, wit h the curriculum focusing on courses required in the MDiv. program. To provide greater breadth in a com­ munity of learning for Talbot Valley stu­ dents, it is requ ired for graduation that a minimum of 20 units for the MDiv. degree and 24 units for MA degrees be taken at the La Mirada campus. Excell ent facilities for classrooms and of­ fices are being provided by the Grace Community Church of the Valley, located in Sun Valley, while considerable effort and expense are being undertaken by the

nary, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, and Western Conservative Baptist Semi nary. Lectures for each course are provided on cassette tapes prepared by outstanding evangelical scholars. Along with the album of tapes is a printed syllabus which includes a broad out line of the lectures, review questions and a bibliography. Requi re­ ments for credit also include textbook as­ signments, collateral readi ng, research pa­ pers and examinations, all of which are outlined in a programmed syllabus. The regular lnterterm/Summer School tuition fees are charged for each course. Students may order the tapes from the Talbot Associate Dean's Office. Credit for Institute of Theological Stud­ ies courses w il l be given only to students who need prerequisites in Biblical studies or who experience unresolvable schedul­ ing problems. Its courses may normally not be used in lieu of required courses. Students who desire graduate credit for approved courses of the Inst itute of The­ ological Studies must meet the normal re­ quirements for admission to Talbot and register for· t he courses through the Office of Admissions and Records. A maximum of 12 units in ITS. courses may be applied as elective credit to the MDiv and MA programs at Talbot ITS. courses which may be taken for credit are listed on page G-37. Further details including costs of cas­ settes may be secured from the Talbot Talbot Theological Seminary and School of Theology offers the Master of Divi nity, the Master of Arts in Ministry, the Mast er of Arts in Biblical Studies, the Master of Arts in Theological Studies, t he Master of Arts in Christian Education, the Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Ministries, the Master of Theology, the Doctor of Ministry and the Doctor of Educat ion degrees. A certificate in Min istry is also offered. Associat e Dean's office. Degrees Offered


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