Sports Injuries & Post-Surgical Rehab


The pain has disappeared! “I went to Canyon Sports Therapy thinking the ligaments or tendons in the pelvic area of my lower back were causing my pain. Brad determined that the number 5 and number 3 facet joints were the problem and limiting my outdoor activities. In only five visits, the pain has disappeared, my hip flexibility is improved, and my ability to pursue sports has been restored.” - M.V. I was able to ski and play soccer! “I came in a couple months ago with a ton of back pain and it was keeping me from playing soccer and teaching skiing. I started going to PT once a week and just after a couple weeks I was able to ski and play soccer more comfortably. Now I can ski and play soccer without any pain. PT was fun and I enjoyed it.” - S.T.

OUR MISSION “To restore physical ability and bring out your inner athlete.”

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