Kolin Smith 1991 - 2014

that much better,” explains Terry. “In the end, we pitched the idea of a pump track and people started get- ting really excited about it.” Buoyed by the initial enthusiasm, Terry took on the responsibility of fundraising for the $50,000 project. Supported by Council and the Me- morial Park Revitalization Commit- tee, he began sharing his vision with anyone who would listen. He also donated $15,000 of his own money to help get the project off the ground. “I approached Dirtsculpt with a rough design and they started work- ing with me to fine tune the details,” says Terry. “In the end, they agreed to build the track at cost. We were also able to repurpose some of the materials from the old horse track so we saved some money there too.” Once the track’s basic structure was complete, Terry worked with some of Kolin’s friends to landscape

the circumference of the track with load after load of natural mulch. They also installed river rock in places to discourage off-track riding and facilitate proper drainage. “So many people and companies have helped out along the way,” says Terry, including a lot of non- Tillsonburg businesses. “And we had a skate and bike competition at Turtlefest this year that raised some funds as well.” All in all, Terry is incredibly pleased with how the pump track project has come together. So pleased, in fact, that the 57-year-old recently bought a bike and helmet so he can join the kids and enjoy the track as well. “It’s like riding a roller coaster,” he laughs. “And I’m telling you, it’s a great workout.” Still, Terry says nothing compares with seeing how much enjoyment

the kids are getting out of the track. “Say what you will, but this is one place where kids put their phones away and get some physical activity. They talk to each other, encourage one another and there’s this sense of comradery that develops. It’s really heart-warming to see.” Since the track opened, Terry has been busy checking in daily to see how it’s holding up. “I run an oil and gas service com- pany so I’ve got a lot of time on my hands right now,” he winks. As for Kolin’s friends, they’re thrilled to see all the improvements that have been made to the park. “They’ve been so great and I’m so thankful to them for all the sup- port they’ve given our family,” says Terry. “It really has been an amazing journey.”


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