NUMBERS B Y T H E Digits that will make you do a double-take E.D. Tillson, had Today, you can enjoy dinner at his pea and barley mill —now known as Mill Tales Inn. Learn more at www.milltales.com mills in Tillsonburg during the 1870s. 150 pieces of art from the Hevenor Collection of Canadian Art will be on display at Annandale National Historic Site this spring. Entitled Plein Air to Abstraction, the show (May 26 - July 16) features works collected by Tillsonburg physician, Dr. Robert Hevenor . 6


is the number of calories you can burn per hour while cycling in the water. Thanks to the pressure provided by the water, blood circulation speeds up, promoting increased fat elimination. Want to give it a try? Check out the new aqua bikes at the Tillsonburg Community Centre.

$24,379,209 is the total construction value of projects registered with the Town of Tillson- burg Building Services Department during the first nine months of 2016--a 93% increase over last year’s figures.


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