for Darwin, a former pastor, a little prayer never hurts either. “For us, the perfect bath bomb should leave your skin feeling soft and silky,” says Cindy. “It should float on the surface of the water, and be foamy more than fizzy.” “Our bombs spin in the water and are active for about 15 minutes be- fore they dissolve. They also have

in-beds that create an extra burst of colour at the end,” she says. In their first six months of public sales, Darwin and Cindy have sold more than 1000 units—a number they anticipate could double or tri- ple during the upcoming Christmas shopping season. “We’re going to be at some big craft shows in London and Kitch-

ener over the next few weeks so we expect to sell a lot at those,” he says. Simply Bath Bombs come in 20 different scents and retail for $7.95 each. They currently sell at four area stores, including Trinkets Gift Shop- pe and Cottage Garden s . “We have merchants approaching us now wanting to sell the product so we’re pretty excited about where this is all going,” says Darwin, who hopes to expand into 20-30 stores over the next three years. In the meantime, he and Cindy are empty-nesters living their entrepre- neurial dream. They’ve turned their son’s old upstairs bedroom into a production room and are confident that once people try their product, they’ll become, “ Simply addicted.”



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