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modular vrf 2-pipe or 3-pipe fsxnhe

features and benefits World class energy efficiency with the highest level SEER & SCOP rating for reduced energy consumption Modular design from 5 to 36HP, best in class for design Lightweight and compact design utilising latest Hitachi technology Infinitely variable control down to 0.1 Hz increments offering fine control and smoothest operation Connection of up to 64 indoor units capacities of 5 to 36HP to be combined with up to 130% of the outdoor unit High efficiency inverter driven scroll compressors per outdoor unit Best-in-class refrigerant charge optimisation to offer lowest system charge in the market Ultra low noise level at 55dBA single model, and three night set back modes available Operational down to -20°c in heating mode. in the competitive VRF sector. A key feature is Hitachi’s best-in-class refrigerant charge optimisation which offers the lowest system charge in the market. Hitachi’s FSXNHE also utilises inverter scroll compressor technology, giving precise control of rotation speed, exactly matching output to load. Hitachi’s latest generation of VRF air conditioners is one of the new industry benchmark products

changeover boxes

Hitachi Changeover (CH) Boxes are compatible with the Set Free heat recovery systems and enable a change from 2-pipe heat pump and 3-pipe heat recovery on our FSXN1E and FSXNHE products as customer requirements change. Installations are quick and simple as the strainer is installed at the manufacturing stage and piping connections are reduced from 5 down to 3. The electrical box can be positioned at either side of the CH Box for easier servicing.

CH boxes



Power supply

230V / 1Ph / 50Hz

230V / 1Ph / 50Hz

Nominal capacity


HP ≤ 6

6 < HP ≤ 10

Maximum number of indoor units




Electricity demand




Dimensions (H x W x D)


191 x 301 x 214

191 x 301 x 214





Piping diameter - Outdoor Unit to CH Box (High/Low Pressure)


(1/2 - 5/8) / (5/8 - 3/4)

(5/8 - 3/4) / (3/4 - 7/8)

mm (12.7 - 15.88) / (15.88 - 19.05)

(15.88 - 19.05) / (19.05 - 22.2)


1/2 - 5/8

3/4 - 7/8

Piping diameter - From Indoor Unit


12.7 - 15.88

19.05 - 22.2

Recommended fuse size A



flexibility built in Hitachi’s System Free indoor units can be combined with outdoor units from either our Utopia splits or Set Free VRF ranges for ultimate flexibility.


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