Aberdeen Smiles December 2017

December 2017

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My Greatest Gift What Makes This Holiday Season Special?

For my family, it’s not Christmas unless we’re gathered around the tree at my aunt’s house. Everyone’s getting older, so it’s hard to work around schedules and get together as often as we used to. When the holidays come around, we go all out and gather the whole extended family for a big Christmas Eve celebration. My uncle makes his amazing short ribs, the table is covered with ham and turkey, and everyone tries to grab a serving of Grandma’s lefse, a Norwegian flatbread dessert. After dinner, the family exchanges gifts, which is a lot of fun when you have little kids who are caught up in the magic of the season. This year, the holidays will be extra special with my grandparents celebrating their 70th wedding anniversary this month. Thinking about how long they’ve been together and how strong their love is inspires me. I am so happy I can celebrate this occasion with them, especially because, for a few rough months this year, we weren’t sure my grandparents would reach this milestone together. Last March, my grandma was diagnosed with cancer. The doctors gave her six months to live, not expecting her to reach Halloween, let alone Christmas and her anniversary. My grandma has always been a strong woman, and even when the doctors had given up, she wasn’t ready to call it quits yet. She went through chemotherapy, which was an agonizing process for our whole family. When you’re afraid each day might be your loved one’s last, you want to spend all your time with them. Unfortunately, you still have responsibilities and must be there for your job and home life. As a result, I

spent this last year running around a lot,

visiting my family and helping my grandparents whenever I could.

Chemotherapy can be as difficult on a person as the disease it’s supposed to

cure, but if you’re lucky, it might keep you from having to say goodbye to your family just yet. My grandma was truly lucky. By November she was cancer-free and happy to join us around the table for our Thanksgiving feast. The holidays are a time for giving, but this year, I can’t help but be grateful for what I’ve received. My family is overjoyed to have Grandma still with us. I know my grandparents are both happy they can celebrate their 70th anniversary together, with the rest of the family gathered around. There’s nothing more precious than family, and this year, I couldn’t be more thankful to spend the holidays with the people I love. I wish happy holidays to all our patients. May you and your loved ones enjoy health and happiness in the coming year.

— Dr. Aleaha Fettig

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