Big G Express - Winter 2020

Winter 2020


SAFETY We talk constantly about safety . There is no bigger threat to our very existence. Dozens of companies have closed their doors in the last 12 months because of monstrous judgments resulting from accidents or increased liability insurance rates that drove them over the brink. Safety is not just an issue on the road. We need a safety focus in our shops and in our offices too. Safety is not a “some of the time” thing. It is an “all the time” thing. As I have said a hundred times, the quickest way to the poor house for a company is to lose focus on safety , and I hope you know that is true! SECURITY It is incredible how many people in this world make their living by stealing. My tolerance for a thief is zero, and I hope yours is as well. We need to do everything we can to make it as hard as possible to steal from us. Seals and locks on trailers will never stop theft, but they will make it harder. If you see something questionable, report it. This is everyone’s job, and we need to take security seriously. SERVICE We have one product to sell to our customers, and that is service . Big G Express and Ike Transportation were both founded with the commitment of providing top-quality service . We have grown to where we are today because we provide that service . Look at the customers who we serve. Our top customers have been with us for years — not because we are the cheapest carrier but because they know what they are getting when it comes to service . I’m proud of that, and you should be too! Let’s make sure we keep that good name when it comes to our service because it means something in our business.

Let’s all keep taking care of each other by keeping our focus on our SAFETY , SECURITY , and SERVICE . Thank you, all, for everything you do to make the Big G family of companies great! –Randy Vernon, CEO

As we head into the third month of 2020, we have a lot to be thankful for here at the Big G family of companies. We had a very successful 2019 — especially compared to our industry as a whole — and we are positioned to do the same this year. However, we need to be aware of some challenges that could turn the sweet success we have experienced the last couple years to disaster in the blink of an eye.



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