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SomeThings Never Change

It’s such a beautiful place in terms of scenery and geography, so different from anywhere else in the world. You’ll find snowcapped mountains, sandy beaches,

I knew things would change after I became a parent, but I wasn’t quite prepared for the extent of that change or the fact that things would keep changing week by week. Audrey is growing up right before my eyes. She’s developing her own personality, which is really cool. She loves to look at you and talk, reach for things, and laugh. Gosh, her laugh is so cute. I’m starting to see the fun part of being a parent, even if I haven’t had a regular sleep schedule in a while. Some nights we put Audrey to bed at 7:30 p.m. and she’ll sleep until 7:30 the next morning. Other nights we’re reminded that it’s impossible to get a baby to keep to a schedule. I’d like to think Renee and I have adapted to a lot of changes that come with parenthood, but there’s one thing we promised to keep the same. Early on, my wife and I decided that we wanted to keep traveling, even after we had kids. My parents already volunteered to fly down and take care of Audrey if we ever needed to get away. Even better, we could just bring her along with us! Renee’s family wasn’t big into traveling, so she’s always liked to explore new places because she didn’t have the opportunity before. We both share that sort of wanderlust. During our first year of dating, Renee and I went to France together. I had the travel bug long before that, though. After my residency, before moving to Texas, I spent a whole year and a half traveling. I’d go somewhere new for a month, come back to work for a while, and then do it again. I traveled all over, from Australia to Asia, but my favorite place in the world is New Zealand. “Early on, my wife and I decided that we wanted to keep traveling, even after we had kids.”

and tropical rainforests in fairly close

Little Audrey is ready to travel!

proximity to each other. The towns are all on the smaller side; you don’t see the highways or the bustling metropolises. Plus, the people there are really friendly. If you need a change in scenery and have the opportunity to travel to the other side of the planet, I highly recommend visiting New Zealand. I hope to bring Audrey there someday, when she’s old enough to appreciate it. Renee and I have been trying to pass our love of travel on to our daughter since before she was born. We went to Hawaii a few months before the due date. A few months after she arrived, we flew out to Deer Valley in Utah, and at the end of May, we went to visit my parents in Virginia. Audrey is already a little jet-setting baby.

Traveling on my own was awesome, but I am glad those days are behind me. I have an amazing woman by my side and a daughter to whom I get to show the world. That’s another change I didn’t anticipate, but I am grateful for it.

–Dr. Seth Evans

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