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JULY 2020


Spotlight on Anahi Cordoba

First impressions matter, especially at a law firm. When someone comes to us, I want them to have a good experience from start to finish. Having a good receptionist, someone who can make people feel welcome and comfortable from the very first phone call, is vital. That’s why I’m glad to have Anahi Cordoba at our front desk. She has decades of experience as a receptionist and always comes with a smile, ready to help folks however she can. –Ramiro Rodriguez, Jr. “You don’t have to think about yourself. You have to think about the people who come here. They’re sick and they’re looking for help. You have to put yourself in their shoes.” I got this advice from a supervisor of my first job almost 40 years ago. I was part of an administrative team at a hospital, working with patients. This advice has really helped me during my career as a receptionist. As a receptionist, I’m often the first person someone sees when they are hurt or have a problem. This can be stressful, but I do my best to empathize with what people are going through and help them have a good experience with us. After the hospital job, I spent many years working for a large food company and an insurance company. I can say that working at GA Injury Advocates is my favorite job. I love it here! Everyone here is unique and

My years of working have given me the experience to leave my personal problems at the door when I come in to work. Fortunately, I do not have too many problems to deal with. I moved to the United States from Argentina and am raising a teenage son. I love to share things with him. As a mother, I try to give my child all I’ve learned, and I also see that times have changed, so I try to change with them and teach my son well. This can be difficult to teach at times, but I try. There are a lot of parks near our apartment, and we love to go out and ride our bikes. Every time we go out riding, I fall, but I don’t care. I do it because he loves to ride his bike and Mom has to be there with him. We also like to drive to different cities, park, and walk around, getting to know the city and the people who live there. I want to spend as much time as possible with my son so he knows that his mom is there for him. I also want our clients to feel this kind of support at the firm. We want them to know that someone has their backs and will listen to them. Even if someone comes in with a problem in an area of law we don’t practice, like a family case or a criminal case, we can help them find another firm they can count on to take care of them. People know they can find the help that they need here, and I’m glad to be part of providing that help every day.

brings something different to the team. I have always wanted to help people, and being at a firm that handles personal injury cases allows me to do that. When I first started at GA Injury Advocates, I remembered the advice from my former supervisor. The people who are coming to our office are hurt and scared. They’re looking for help. I try and do my best every day because I am the first face people see when they come into the office and the first voice they hear when someone calls us for help. If I am in a bad mood or give the wrong answer to a question, then people will think the firm is not serious about helping them. I have the responsibility to represent the firm well and make a good first impression.

–Anahi Cordoba

El Abogado Ramiro (El Abogado Amigo) y su equipo hablan español


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