King's Business - 1937-03



Ten Cash P R IZ E S * LIBERAL CO M M IS S IO N S First Pr ize for largest number of annual subscriptions (above 200) Second Prize for next largest number * of annual subscriptions $ (above 100) Third Prize FIVE PRIZES OF $10.00 each for next largest number of annual subscriptions above 25. TW O PRIZES OF $5.00 each for next largest number of annual subscriptions above 15. In the event that two winning clubs are found to be o f the same number, prizes of equal value will be given to each contestant. Re­ member, a liberal commission is allowed on each subscription. Thus each contestant is well paid for his or her work. ’"The amount offered in prizes is N O T in excess o f K IN G 'S BUSI­ N E SS needs. It is, rather, a sum obtained through an economy in mailing, and it has been voted that this saving shall be shared with K IN G 'S BU S IN E S S friends who co­ operate in building the magazine's circulation during this contest. Ten cash prizes totaling $235. for next largest number ^ of annual subscriptions 4P (above 50)

Begins March 1— Ends June 3 0 , 19 37

D O you long to earn money for your church in a way that will truly exalt the Lord Jesus and the Word of God? Have you been pray­ ing that the business of the King of Kings may be advanced greatly in your own church and community? Through the pages of TH E K IN G ’S BUSI­ NESS, God is blessing His own truth to unsaved readers and to mature Christians. W ith this issue, TH E K IN G ’S BUSINESS announces a subscription contest that is designed, by the grace of God, to extend the influence of this Bible Family Magazine into many new homes and, through its help to Christian workers, to a still larger circle. Beginning as of March 1, 1937, TH E K IN G ’S BUSINESS announces a prize contest in which more than $200.00 will be given to churches, church societies, Bible classes, and in­ dividual organizers who will partici­ pate. Everybody is welcome, with good commissions and valuable prizes as­ sured. H O W THE PRIZES ARE PROVIDED It has been the custom of TH E K IN G ’S BUSINESS to give wide

publicity, by circulars and by advertis­ ing in other periodicals, to its subscrip­ tion campaigns. In the present instance, only the advertising columns of this magazine will be used, and only a lim­ ited number of circulars will be mailed, and the saving thus effected will be de­ voted to meeting the expenses of this contest. Thus numerous Christian or­ ganizations will benefit by this saving in expense. Remember, this is a contest in which no one can lose. You will receive a commission, whether you win a prize or not. You can work alone, or you can organize the workers of your church, church society, or Bible class, in a steady and profitable subscription campaign. A church congregation can secure a most desirable reward by working for and winning the $100 First Prize, and, further, by pooling the commis­ sions and applying the whole sum to church, Bible class,' or church society work. Thus working together and securing 200 subscriptions (provided the church in question wins the first prize of $100) and by applying the $1.00 commission on each subscription toward church work, the group would find their gross returns to be $300, enough to aid materially in the church income. Lesser returns would produce proportionate results to prize winners.




You Remit


$ .50 ea. .75 ea. 1.00 ea.

$1.00 ea.

Single annual ........... . $1.50 Club of 3 to 10 ...... . . 1.50 Club of 10 or more . . . . ... 1.50

.75 ea. .50 ea.

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