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Gil Dodds to Run & The nation’s number one Christian athlete is going abroad. Gil Dodds has been named Captain of a Youth for Christ Scandinavian Team to tour Swe­ den, Norway, Denmark, Finland, France and Germany. Gil reports that he has been besieged with offers to run for money, but testifies that this trip’ is for God, not gold! There is a real burden on his heart to win young people to a personal faith in Jesus Christ and, as the time to work for Christ is short, Gil’s desire is to win souls rather than to line his pockets with greenbacks. Salvation Outside? Pursuant to the current controver­ sy over the question as to whether or not salvation is to be found outside of the Roman Catholic Church, certain dictums of the church are interesting. POPE INNOCENT III, in the Fourth Lateran Council (1215), decreed: “ Out­ side the (Catholic) Church no man whatever is saved.” POPE BONIFACE VIII, in his Bull Unan Sanctum (1302), stated: “ Now, therefore, we declare, say, determine and pronounce that for every human creature it is necessary for salvation to be subject to the au­ thority of the Roman Pontiff.” POPE PIUS IX, in his Syllabus of Errors (1864), CONDEMNED anyone who would dare to say: “ We may entertain at least a well-founded hope for the eternal salvation of all those who are in no manner in the true Church of Christ.” Drive-in Church In North Hollywood, Southern Cali­ fornia, the pastor of the Emmanuel Lutheran Church recently moved his pulpit and organ into a parking lot to open the first drive-in church. This 36- year-old parson believes that a lot of people who like to go to the beach or mountains on Sunday do not care to dress for church, so he invites them to come in their old clothes and to sit in their ears. On the first Sunday, 54 cars showed up containing some 160 members of his congregation. We won­ der what God, before whom the angels and seraphim veil their faces and cry, “ Holy, Holy, Holy,” think of this sorry attempt at compromise in the matter of worship on the Lord’s Day. About Noah's Ark The hunt for Noah’s Ark is now on in earnest with the melting of snow in the Turkish highlands. There are literally scores of natives and foreign­ ers seeking permission to roam the countryside where the Ark is supposed to have rested. Various rumors are rife among which is the claim of two Turks that they have found the Ark, not at Mt. Ararat, but in North Central Ana­ tolia. They asked for a pledge from the Government for 40% of whatever money the exhibition of the Ark might bring. Many Americans, are interested in this search as well, including Dr. Page Fourteen

William W . Orr, D.D.

A. J. Smith of Greensboro, North Carolina, a noted archaelogist. Arabs Sign In a recent agreement which vir­ tually removed the last threat of re­ newed fighting in Israel, Syria and the Jews signed an armistice on a hill in “No Man’s Land” lying between their armies. Other Arab states, in­ cluding Egypt, Lebanon and Trans­ jordan, had previously signed. This treaty is partially due to the medi­ atory efforts of Dr. Ralph Bunche, acting United Nations representative. All of this seems to indicate the contin­ ued well-being of the new Jewish na­ tion. Gambling Is Ancient Recently an Associated Press dis­ patch reported the amazing discovery of what appears to have been a gambling hang-out for the primitive peoples of Northern California. In California’s Lassen County, in a hillside above the floor of Honey Lake Valley, was found an extensive layout of what looked like gambling equipment. There were several hundred short wooden pegs in an ancient slot machine. This find is something of a commentary on the gambling instinct of man and the ques­ tion of its possible eradication. Believ­ ers know that there is only one cure for the old nature—the application of the saving grace of God through the ■M Since last year when a Supreme Court decision forbade the teaching of religion on public school property, many have been seeking ways to reach the young of their flock with religious instruction. The Protestant churches of Fort Wayne, Indiana, are now using especially outfitted trailers which may be parked near the schools and which provide complete instruction for the youngsters who desire to attend. The enrollment, which had been very high (96%) when the classes were held in school has fallen off, but use of these trailers is expected to retrieve the losses. sacrifice of Christ. Classes in Buses

Bible Society's Story <¿8 In a recent meeting in New York City, representatives of Bible Societies in 25 countries totaled up the past year’s work which showed outstanding accomplishment. More than 17,000,000 copies of the Scriptures were distrib­ uted in the past year which had been translated into 1108 various languages and dialects. Although no shipment has been made to the Soviet Union since 1947, there are now awaiting permis­ sion to ship, 100,000 Bibles, 250,000 Testaments and 500,000 Scripture por­ tions. Protestant Crusade & Coincident with the pronounce­ ment of 1950 as a Catholic Holy Year, the Protestant denominations of Amer­ ica, through the Federal Council of Churches a n d eleven non-member churches, announced a United Evan­ gelistic advance would be launched to reach every community in the nation. Beginning in October of this year and continuing for 15 months, week-long revivals in local churches are scheduled and there will be community-wide so­ licitation to attend church. The goal of America’s Protestants is a church af­ filiation for each of America’s approx­ imately 50,000,000 unchurched citizens. No Monopoly & No one is as capable of refuting Roman Catholic dogma as those who have been steeped in it and have come to see its error. Professor George Barrois, formerly Dominican monk, 18 years a priest, now teaching at Princeton The­ ological Seminary, writes thoughtfully concerning Catholic claims. He main­ tains that the “monopoly claimed by the Roman Catholic Church . . . stands in contradiction with formal statements of Jesus and the apostles. Jesus prom­ ised to be in the midst of two or three gathered together in His name; are we to declare that the church is not there? . . . We know full well that Scripture needs a qualified interpreter, but we cannot agree with our Catholic neighbors on who this interpreter shall be . . . He is the Holy spirit.” T H E K I N G ' S B U S I N E S S

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