King's Business - 1949-09

vision of a new building for the Vallejo Bible Church which was dedicated Sun­ day, June 26th. Assisting in the dedica­ tory service were former Biola students now laboring in the Bay area, Robert A. Graves ’27, Adolph Kurkowske ’24, and Earl Morgan ’22, ’24. Closing words of Mr. Graves are: “ O magnify the Lord with me, and let us exalt his name to­ gether” (Psa. 34:3). Biola Flashes William H. Allison ’26, has been suf­ fering from an infected eye for some months, but has been able to do some preaching and singing in the jail and other places. He is associated with the Christian and Missionary Alliance in Asheville, N. C. Frances Walker ’37, last reported as studying in Paris, is now in charge of the CBFMS dispensary at Korhogo, Fr. West Africa. She is an R.N. Dr. Wm. H. Bordeaux, Aghavni Hagopian-Bordeaux ’31, and their three children are on a short motor trip from their home ,in Bogota, New Jersey. Dr. Bordeaux was on the Biola faculty for a number of years. Ethel Lee and Emily Alexander ’23, are on a four-months tour of their old home in England. Both of these friends have a large place in the Bible Women’s work of the Bible In­ stitute under the supervision of Mrs. Lyman Stewart (Lulu Crowell, ’14). Look who’s here! Gerry Hamlett ’42, formerly on editorial staff of the King’s Business, is at her home, 510 Howard St., Whittier, Calif. This is Gerry’s first furlough; she is eager to see all of her friends. Harry Hurlburt and family ar­ rived in England, en route to the States, for furlough, June 14th. They serve in the Belgian Congo. Edith Harris ’16, ar­ rived in Boston June 3rd; furlough ad­ dress is 1108 S. 46th Street, Philadel­ phia. With the Lord Hulda A. Knickrehm-Glynn ’18 went into the presence of the Lord July 7th from the Pine Valley Bible Conference grounds near Alpine, Calif. She was a member of the S. Los Angeles Commu­ nity Church of which David H. Schmidt ’22, is pastor. Matilda Hunter, aged 81, beloved wife of Dr. John H. Hunter of Pacific Grove, Calif., was laid to rest July 29th, in Forest Lawn Cemetery. Dr. Hunter was on Biola faculty for many years, and one daughter, Mary ’28, is a missionary in Africa. John W. Wilson, aged 52 years, de­ parted to be with the Lord from the Veterans’ Hospital, Boise, Ida., July 15th. Mr. Wilson and Mrs. Wilson, both graduates in ’22, served as missionaries in Paraguay until forced to return to the States for reasons of health. Here he held several pulpits in the United Presbyterian Church. To these who mourn the passing of loved ones Biola Family Circle extends loving and prayerful sympathy in the hour of their need. T H E K I N G ' S B U S I N E S S

In an isolated mountain home the mother of eight little children passed into eternity, leaving Gertrude, 10, Jim­ mie 9, Bobby 7, Frieda 5, Annie 3, Don­ ald 2, John Henry 13 months, and a wee premature baby one week old. The father and two of the children were ill in bed with pneumonia. Jack and Helen Brown, both of the class of ’41, heard the Mace­ donian call and went over the long hill to visit this home. The things they saw and heard moved them so mightily that they recognized this as a definite call to minister to these little ones in the name of the Lord. The new baby was taken into a neighboring home, while the seven older ones were taken home with Jack and Helen. This is the beginning of what the Browns and the Kentucky Mountain Mission, Inc., believe will be a Children’s Home, at Beattyville. Remember this work in your prayers that guidance may be given and all needs supplied. The latest word from Lois TJhlinger ’42 and her husband Elwyn Pelletier is that they are now working under the Conservative Baptist Foreign Missionary Society in the Bible school established at Ruanguba by Paul TJhlinger and George Kevorkian in March 1948. Eighty-nine boys are enrolled at the present time; thirty-eight of this group are second- year students. They are being trained in evangelistic methods and their trips into, native villages have resulted in a num­ ber of conversion's. The Whale family have arrived in Africa. They write: “ Keep praying for the African leaders . . . Political and social developments in Nigeria are pre­ senting new situations to be met and problems to be solved by the missionary with an urgency which is difficult to exaggerate. The need and scope for work amongst boys—who must either swell the ranks of modern paganism or form the backbone of the church of the future is surely obvious to all.” Timothy ’33 and Helen Pietsch, Tokyo Foreign Missionaries, APO 500, c/o Post­ master, San Francisco, now working under the International Pocket Testa­ ment League which has a program of distributing New Testaments in Japan, write: “ It is wonderful being mis­ sionaries, and gets better all the time. How sorry we are for you folks who have to stay at home . . .” They were invited to show the picture “ The God of Creation” to some of the princes and princesses of the Imperial Family. Fol­ lowing this they had dinner, and an op­ portunity to present Christ to them. Helen is suffering from an Oriental dis­ ease of the heart due to an important vitamin deficiency. Put this work on your prayer list. H. H. Foucar ’25, born in China of missionary parents, and who served his alma mater in the Hunan branch of the Bible Institute of Los Angeles for a number of years, has been appointed a full-time faculty member of the Bap­ tist Bible Institute of Cleveland. He brings to this new work a wide back­ ground of experience rich from the standpoint of educational training and Pag» Eighteen

B I OL A ^ F AM I L Y f / C I R C L E

“Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me” (Matt, 25:40). practical experience. Mrs, Foucar, known to Biola Family Circle as Elizabeth Neely ’25 will work in connection with the institute as registrar, and book­ keeper. Jerold F. May, director of the Baptist Home Mission in Oakland, Calif., has had an important part in assisting in the organization of the new Baptist Church

The nucleus of the new Children’s Home at Beattyville, Ky. to be opened in the auditorium of the Western Baptist Bible College in Oak­ land. Mrs. May is editor of Baptist Youth, and assisting in the work of the young people. Ella Berg ’45, has a new address c/o Grace Bible Institute, 1515 S. Tenth St., Omaha 8, Nebr. She writes: “ I cannot hope to tell you what a joy it has been to receive The King’s Business during the past several years, especially during the two years I was engaged in work for the Mennonite Central Committee among the refugees in Paraguay, S. America. The Biola Family section of course, was almost like a letter from the family, and all other material in the magazine gave help for the children’s and youth groups — after it had been translated into German.” Wm. G. Graves ’27, and Madge Hen- derson-Graves ’23, 65 Phelps St., Vallejo, Calif., are praising the Lord for the pro­

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