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THE BOOK OF REVELATION "Few of the commentaries that have been written on this profound and mysterious book are as sound and as simple as this one.” —Moody Monthly. "Recently it was my privilege to teach the book of Revelation, verse by verse, on the radio. In preparation for this series of studies, reference was made to a great many commentaries, ancient and modem. I found none more helpful for the purpose desired in this connection, than Mr. Humberd’s commentary of which this present edition is the third."—Wendell P. Loveless. 280 pages— Paper 75c, Cloth $1.25. “ The Holy Spirit,” “ Salvation Security and Assurance,” “ The Virgin Birth,” “ The Christian Home,” “ Inspiration of the Bible,” "Lessons From Jacob,” “ The Ressurrection Body,” "The Lake of Fire,” “ Crowns for Christians,” “ New Birth,” “ Image of Christ Jesus," “ Old Testament pic­ tures of the cross.” All 13 for $3.00. HUMBERD PRESS FLORA, IND.

Hawyourdealershow vou chmtbappointmentsn®produce «HcoMPumciww«^ S U D B U R Y B IU S S G O O D S CO. 55 strwiimr street , host ™ , * VW ’ J‘»»TOlr u , Miss.

&}fle&4aae t&3via et FOUNDED 1937 V INCORPORATED 1947^ JEWS HEARING GOD’S WORD

■ ■ to any evangelical Christian Minister, P n E E Sunday School or Missionary Superin- ® ■■ tendent, one copy of "GOD'S LOVING MONEY RULE" for each family in his congregation, providi g he will agree to give a talk on TITHING before distribution. Write stating number of leaflets desired to

Through 32 Stations in largest cities of Country reaching potentially 4,000,000 Jews weekly. Also world coverage over Station H.C.J.B., Quito, S.A. Hundreds write in for Prophecy Edition New Testament. Faith Cometh By •Hearing. W rite for free copy of magazine MESSAGE TO ISRAEL containing list of Stations, brief, helpful articles' and news items. Your prayerful interest is needed.

OTHER, 417-K So. Hill St. Los Angeles 13, California


S ttu te C a n c C à TRUE TO THE BIBLE LITERATURE A TTRA C TIV E, Scriptural, Practical, Rea- * * sonably Priced, and True to the Bible. Now, beginning with the October quarter, the 2d year of Standard's BRAND-NEW through-the-Bible graded course for Juniors will be ready. A fascinating study, planned to win your Juniors to Christ and His church through tested educational methods. Standard offers both Graded and Uniform lesson literature for all ages, and sparkling weekly story papers. Color printing is fea­ tured in the pupils’ class papers and hand­ work aids. All are designed for the specific age group, and contain a wealth of helpful suggestions for the teacher. Use the coupon to send for samples. Examine these lessons, and convince yourself they are “ the best in the field.” ^ SAMPLES ON REQUEST

Ahis command, given by Jesus to the 11 faithful apostles, represents the turning point in the history of the world. Without money, college degrees, influence or political posi­ tion, the apostles began their work which, in 1900 years, has brought salvation and joy to millions. During the past 133 years, the American Bible Society, supported by voluntary gifts, (some in the form of Annuity Gift Agree­ ments) has distributed nearly 400,000,000 copies of the Scriptures. A beautiful new booklet, “ Your Gift that Lives” will give you the complete story. It contains 31 questions and answers about American Bible Society Annuities, pictures and stories about the work now being done by the Society in all parts of the world. May

we send you a cop y ? It is free. Use the coupon below. AMERICAN BIBLE SOCIETY




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. . . . . . . . . A merican B ible S ociety 450 Park Avenue, New York 22, N .Y Gentlemen: Please send me, without obliga­ tion, postage prepaid, the illustrated booklet, "Your Gift that Lives.’* KB-599 Name------------- ------

Church______________ My Position_________ THE STANDARD PUBLISHING COMPANY, Cincinnati 10, Ohio h S : - ■-____________ - ___ ____ _______' ~ ^ T H E K I N G ' S B U S I N E S S

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