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The Body, Soul, and Spirit Must Operate Together 1 Thess. 5:23

A Healthy Spirit Is Most Needful 1 Pet. 3:4 It is with the spirit that we learn the Word of God and get to know God. It is with the spirit that we show dili­ gence, energy, and vision in the service of the King. It is essential, therefore, that the spirit keep stirred up by the Word of God, the Holy Spirit and the fellowship of God’s people. The spirit must be kept active and zealous with a deep desire to grow in grace and to become more fruitful. This is brought about by prayer, Bible study, worship, and spiritual exercise in Christian service.' An inferiority complex is not to be confused with bashfulness and back­ wardness. There are people who are naturally quiet and reticent. This nat­ ural reserve may not be due at all to an inferiority complex. Some of our finest and most successful men have desired to keep in the background, say little, but do much. The inferiority complex is a feeling in the soul that one is not fit for the job or able for the work or talented enough to please others. There is a remedy for this and the remedy must be found. An Inferiority Complex May Come from Ignorance 2 Pet. 1:5 Those who know the Bible well, feel •free to express themselves on Bible sub­ jects. Those who know the Lord well feel free to tell of His virtues and graces. Those who know the way of salvation have no difficulty in seeking to win souls. Those who know God’s remedies for sorrow are not hesitant to enter a home where grief has come and to bring a message of solace and cheer. Those who do not know these things, naturally feel hesitant about expressing themselves or offering their services. They feel that they are handi­

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Man is a triad. Each part of his being must help the other parts. Each of the three parts must be kept in fel­ lowship with God, filled with earnest­ ness for the kingdom of God, and active in the ministry of helping others. A bitter spirit will cause the soul to be discouraged and the body to be languid. A tired body will hinder the soul and the spirit from active service. A soul that is not well will lead both the body and the spirit into bad habits and use­ less ways. Let us preserve all for God’s glory. capped. They can find the remedy by seeking to know God’s Word and by learning how to use it in each need in life. An Inferiority Complex May Come From Former Sad Experiences 1 Tim. 4:12 Those who have tried and failed are fearful of making a second attempt. They are afraid of another “flop” and of adverse criticism. They feel that their case is hopeless ,and there is no use try­ ing. This produces an inferiority complex in the mind which should not exist. Al­ though on a former occasion the person was not well prepared, now he may be. Perhaps the former effort was new to him but now this is not the case. Constant endeavor will release this com­ plex. An Inferiority Complex May Come From Criticism Isa. 9:9 Unfortunately there are those whose hearts are so hard that they give harsh treatment to those who have tried and failed. Their unhappy criticism makes the person feel that he gave the matter under consideration wretched treatment. This produces a feeling of inferiority un­ less the soul and spirit are determined to overcome obstacles and succeed in spite of failures. Frequently the failure is carried over from year to year into adult life so that no effort is made a sec­ ond time to succeed. This should not be the case. An Inferiority Complex May Come From Lack of Experience 1 Tim. 4:15 One may say that he cannot swim and does not know how. Upon inquiry, you may learn that he never was in water deeper than the bath tub. One may say that she cannot cook when the facts are that she never tried. Lack of experience produces a complex which can only be remedied by effort. If an effort is made, success will come from practice. The complex disappears when one finds out that he really can do what he thought he could not do. This applies to the service of the King also.

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October 9, 1949 THOSE INFERIORITY COMPLEXES! Prov. 16:18, 19; 18:24; Rom. 12:3-8


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