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Dr. J. B. Tidwell: “The New Chain Reference Bible (Thompson’s) is the best yet. It has more helps than any other Bible. At my home, we are one hundred per cent for it and wish that a copy of this best of all Bibles might be in every home in the land.” The Late Dr. Geo. W. Truett: “ From the use I have already made of it, I am profoundly convinced that it is a book of such excellent merit that it ought to be placed in the hands of preachers, teachers, and Bible students everywhere.” Dr. Leander S. Keys^r: “ The New Chain Reference Bible is a treasure-house of useful information. Surely this is the Bible that ought to be in every home. The more I use it the more I appreciate its real value in practical Bible study over every other Bible—and I have carefully compared it with every special Bible being sold to­ day.” Dr. Jas. B. Chapman: “ It is a Bible, a Con­ cordance, a Bible Dictionary, a Commentary, a Book of Outlines, and an Encyclopedia, all under one cover and still it is not clumsy. I certainly would advise you to buy it and use it.” Dr. Bob Jones, Sr.: “I wish I could influence every Christian to purchase one of these Bibles.” Dr. F. M. McConnell: “ I firmly believe that a boy in the 7th grade can get more in­ formation from this Bible in two days than a preacher can get from an ordinary Bible in a week.” Dr. Walter A. Maier: “I use the New Chain Refer­ ence Bible with continued delight and would not be without it. I recommend it highly to pastors, teach­ ers, students, and Bible readers.” Dr. Harry Rim- mer: “ I feel that no student should be without this splendid aid to study and instruction.” Dr. F. C. Mc- Pheeters: “I regard the New Chain Reference Bible as the best Bible published to guide the student in Bible study.” Dr. H. Framer Smith: “ The more I use it, the more I value it. To anyone desiring a bet­ ter knowledge of the Scriptures* I would say, examine this work before buying any other Bible.” Rapidly Replacing Other Bibles —Has So Many More New Helps!

you to study the Constructive and Destructive Forces of Life, with the Bible verses printed out in full undersuch sub- jects as Faith—Unbelief, Love—Hatred, Courage—Fear, etc. 33. Life Studies, such as Business Life, Home Life, Devo­ tionalLife, The Surrendered Life, etc. 34. Bible Stories for Children. A list of 56 stories to be read from the Bibleitself. 35. Miracles of both the Old and New Testaments listed $n Chronological Order. 36. Parables of the Old Testament. Parables of the New Testament, listing those given in One Gospel Only, those given in Two, and those given in Three. , 37. Titles and Names ofChrist; of the Holy Spirit; of God the Father; and of Satan. 38. General Bible Prophecies. 39. A List of the Prophets of the Bible. 40. list of Judges of Israeland Judah given InJChronolog- ical Order. 41. List ofthe Notable Women of the Bible. 42. Mountains and Hills referred to in Bible, listing the Scenes of Great Events. 43. Dictionary Material. 44. Tables of Time, Money, Weights and Measures. Eleven New Features Added in the Third Improved Edition 45. The Historical Bridge, covering interval between the Old and New Testaments. 46. Chart showing the History of the Apostles. 47. Harmony of the Gospels, citing references in different Gospels whereevents aregiven. 48. Calendar of the ChristianEra. 49. The Post-Resurrection Appearances of Jesus, illus­ trated with well-known paintings. 50. Chart of the Seven Churches of Asia, described by John. 51. An OutlineHistory of the Evangelistic and Missionary Work of the Early Church. 52. The prophesies Concerning Jesus and their Fulfillment, arranged Chronologically, with principal verses printed out in full 53. Map Showing Approximate Distances from Jerusalem to Various Historical Points. 54. ChartShowing theInteriorArrangementof theTemple at Jerusalem. 55. Thirteen Special Illustrated Maps Showing the Jour­ neys of Jesus, Peter, Paul, and the Journeys of the Children of Israel from Egypt to Canaan. These are separate maps, mind you—not several crowded together on one page.

1. Unique chart showing Origin and Growth of the English Bible. . , 2. The Outline Studies of Bible Periods, comparing Bib- Deal History with Contemporary Secular History. 3. The Analysis of the Bibleas a Whole. 4. The Analysis of each of the 66 Books of the Bible. 6. The Analysis o f every Chapter o f the New Testament. 6. The Analysis o fthe Verses of the entire Bible. 7. The Numericaland Chain ReferenceSystems. 8. Special Analysis of the Important Bible Characters. 9. Contrast between the Old and New Testaments. 10. The Topical Treasury. New Topics for Prayer Meet­ ings, Men’s Meetings, Women’sMeetings, Missionary Meet­ ings, Young People’s Meetings, etc. 11. Special Bible Readings for private devotions and pub­ lic services. New and differentsubjects. 12. Bible Harmonies of the Lives of Moses and PauL 13. Special Portraits of Jesus. 14. Chart of the Messianic Stars. 15. Chart showingcause of the Babylonian Captivity. 16. Chart of the Temple of Truth, illustrating the Ser­ mon on the Mount. 17. Chart of Jesus’ Hours on the Cross. 18. The Christian Workers' Outfit. Ofspecial value to soul winners. 19. All Prominent Bible Characters Classified, listing the Patriarchs, Leaders in Early Hebrew History, Courageous Reformers, etc., with meaning of their names given. 20. Golden Chapters of the Bible. 21. A Complete General Index of over seven thousand topics, names and places. 22. Special Memory Versesselected from each Book of the Bible. , 23. Chart Showing Seven Editions of Divine Law. 24. Graph of the Prodigal Son. 25. Bible Mnemonics, or how to memorize. 26. The Principles and Best Methods of Bible Study. 27. PictorialIllustration of the River of Inspiration. 28. Bible Markings, Explaining best methods.of marking one’s Bible. 29. Concordance. 30. Atlas of 12 colored maps with index for quickly locat­ ing places. Other Features In Text Cyclopedia 31. Topical Study of the Bible. Correlated Scriptures «tinted out in full under 2467 topics and sub-topics. Three fanes as many as in any other Bible. 32. Contrast Study of Great Truths of the Bible. Enables

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