Lego Activity Instructions


1. Objective • In a team, construct a building using the bricks provided in order to maximize profits. The building can be of any shape but it should be sufficiently stable to be measured.

2. Approach • You should organize the team in the way you think will be most efficient to carry out the task.

3. The Game • In 2 phases:

Analysis (30 minutes)

• Construction 5 Minutes

4. Analysis phase • Study the 3 diagrams in order to fix an objective of optimal profit (a profit of more than 50,000 $ is possible). • Set out the construction plan (utilisation of human resources and material). • You are allowed to manipulate the bricks and carry out assembly work during the analysis phase. • At the end of this phase, however, all the bricks should be taken apart and mixed with the others. • Fill out the summary chart of the construction plan (expected profit, number of bricks used, estimated time of construction and height of building).

5. Construction phase

6. Evaluation

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