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On cases with Medicare Set Asides (MSA), the reporting requirements for claimants can be overwhelming and costs for all medical products can be very high. If the claimant does not comply with the complex set of requirements, they risk being denied their benefits by Medicare. To alleviate that burden, Ringler, partnered with Ametros, presents Ringler MSA Administration Services. Offered as an extremely affordable option to you, this is just another example of how Ringler 360 0 ’s objective and comprehensive approach can benefit you and your clients.

Professional Administration with CareGuard™ CareGuard helps parties with an MSA or Medical Custodial account remain compliant with the Medicare Secondary Payer Act. Services include capturing all bills, processing payments and reporting regularly to the member and CMS in full compliance with Medicare regulations. CareGuard handles all annual reporting and also guides members through what purchases can and cannot be made out of the account. Once on the CareGuard platform, members will have access to the benefits of CareGuard including: • Extending the Life of the MSA Fund: On average members save 62% on provider bills, and 28% on expenses such as durable medical equipment, medical treatment, and prescriptions.

• Freedom to Treat: Members can see any provider, without Utilization Review.

• Support: 24/7 access to our team of Care Advocates.

• Technology: A state-of-the-art online portal where members can review the status and total savings of their CareGuard MSA Account.

• Reporting: 100% Medicare compliance.

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