Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 Step by Step

Animate text and pictures on slides

You can apply multiple animation effects (for example, an entrance effect and an emphasis effect) to a single object. As you assign animations to slide objects, numbers appear on the objects to specify the order of the animation effects. The numbers are visible only when the Animation tab is active.


Each number represents one animation

As you build an animated slide, you can add and animate individual elements, or you can add all the elements to the slide first, and then animate them. Regardless of the process you choose, position the objects on the slide as follows: ■ ■ Entrance effects  Position the object where you want it to end up after it enters the slide. ■ ■ Emphasis effects  Position the object where it will be before and after the effect. After all the elements are in place, animate them in the order you want the anima- tions to occur. (If you’re animating multiple objects, it might be helpful to write out a description of the process before starting.) If you animate something out of order, don’t worry—you can reorder the animations from within the Animation Pane. ■ ■ Exit effects  Position the object where it will be before it leaves the slide.


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