Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 Step by Step

Chapter 8: Add sound and movement to slides

3. Do either of the following:

● ● In the Animation gallery, click the icon that represents the animation you want to apply. ● ● On the Animation menu, click the More command for the type of anima- tion you want to apply, and then in the Change Type Effect dialog box, click the animation you want. PowerPoint displays a live preview of the selected animation effect and adds an animation number adjacent to the object. A star appears next to the slide thumbnail to indicate that the slide contains either an animation or a transition.

In the Thumbnails pane, the star below the slide number indicates the presence of movement on the slide

TIP  When you apply an animation, PowerPoint automatically previews (plays) the animation. If this is distracting to you, you can turn off this feature by clicking the Preview arrow (in the Preview group on the Animations tab) and then clicking AutoPreview to remove the check mark that indicates the option is turned on.


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