Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 Step by Step

Customize animation effects

options available from this menu are more complex than those on the Effect Options menu in the Animation group.

You can configure these actions from the Animation Pane to customize an animation

Clicking Effect Options on the shortcut menu provides access to an effect-specific dialog box where you can refine that type of animation in the following ways:


■ ■ Specify whether the animation should be accompanied by a sound effect.

■ ■ Dim or hide the element after the animation, or have it change to a specific color. ■ ■ If the animation is applied to text, animate all the text at once or animate it word by word or letter by letter. ■ ■ If a slide has more than one level of bullet points, animate different levels separately. ■ ■ If an object has text, animate the object and the text together (the default) or separately, or animate one but not the other. ■ ■ Repeat an animation and specify what triggers its action.


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