Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 Step by Step

Practice tasks

7. Change the height of the Butterfly video representation to 3” . 8. Change the height of the Wildlife video representation to 3” , and then crop it to a width of 4” . 9. Drag the video representations until they are evenly spaced on the slide and center-aligned with each other. 10. Apply the Reflected Bevel, Black (in the Intense area of the Video Styles gallery) video style to both video objects. 11. Set up the Butterfly video to play back on mute, to start automatically, and to loop until stopped. 12. Set up the Wildlife video to play back on mute, to start on click, and to loop until stopped. 13. Preview and pause the Butterfly video. Then preview and pause the Wildlife video. 14. Return to Normal view. 15. Save and close the presentation. Add and manage slide transitions Open the AddTransitions presentation, and then perform the following tasks: 1. Display slide 2 in Normal view. 2. Apply the Cover transition effect (from the Subtle category) to the slide. 3. Configure the transition effect options so that the transition starts from the upper-left corner of the slide. 4. Apply the configured slide transition to all slides in the presentation. 5. In the Thumbnails pane, display the effect of the Cover transition from slide 2 to slide 3 . 6. Remove the transition from slide 1 . Compress media to decrease file size There are no practice tasks for this topic.


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