Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 Step by Step

Acknowledgments I appreciate the time and efforts of Carol Dillingham, Rosemary Caperton, and the team at Microsoft Press—past and present—who made this and so many other books possible. I would like to thank the editorial and production team members at Online Training Solutions, Inc. (OTSI) and other contributors for their efforts. Angela Martin, Ginny Munroe, Jaime Odell, Jean Trenary, Jeanne Craver, Kate Shoup, Kathy Krause, Meredith Thomas, Steve Lambert, Susie Carr, and Val Serdy all contributed to the creation of this book. OTSI specializes in the design and creation of Microsoft Office, SharePoint, and Windows training solutions and the production of online and printed training resources. For more information about OTSI, visit or follow us on Facebook at . I hope you enjoy this book and find it useful. The content of this book was guided in part by feedback from readers of previously published Step by Step books. If you find errors or omissions in this book, want to say something nice about it, or would like to provide input for future versions, you can use the feedback process outlined in the introduction.


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