Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 Step by Step

Chapter 1: PowerPoint 2016 basics

Work with the ribbon and status bar The goal of the ribbon is to make working with presentation content as intuitive as possible. The ribbon is dynamic, meaning that as its width changes, its buttons adapt to the available space. As a result, a button might be large or small, it might or might not have a label, or it might even change to an entry in a list. For example, when sufficient horizontal space is available, the buttons on the View tab of the PowerPoint app window are spread out, and you can review the commands available in each group.

At 1024 pixels wide, most button labels are visible

If you decrease the horizontal space available to the ribbon, small button labels disap- pear and entire groups of buttons might hide under one button that represents the entire group. Clicking the group button displays a list of the commands available in that group.

When insufficient horizontal space is available, labels disappear and groups collapse under buttons

When the ribbon becomes too narrow to display all the groups, a scroll arrow appears at its right end. Clicking the scroll arrow displays the hidden groups.

Scroll to display additional group buttons


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