Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 Step by Step

Chapter 2: Create and manage presentations

To preview presentation design templates 1. Display the Backstage view, and then, in the left pane, click New . 2. On the New page, scroll the pane to view the presentation design templates that were installed with PowerPoint. 3. Click any thumbnail to open a preview window that displays the title slide of the selected design with alternative color schemes and graphic backgrounds.

Each design template has multiple color variants and slide layouts

4. Do any of the following:

● ● Click the More Images arrows to display other slide layouts for the template. ● ● Click any of the thumbnails in the right half of the preview window to apply that color scheme to the slide layouts of the selected template. ● ● Click the arrows to the left and right of the preview window to preview other design templates. ● ● Click the Create button to create a presentation based on the template that is active in the preview window. ● ● In the upper-right corner of the preview window, click the Close button to close the preview window without creating a presentation. To display only presentation templates that are optimized at the 4:3 slide size 1. On the New page of the Backstage view, below the Search box, click 4:3 .


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