Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 Step by Step

Save and close presentations

To close a presentation

1. Do any of the following:


● ● At the right end of the title bar, click the Close button to close the presentation and the app window. ● ● Display the Backstage view, and then click Close to close the presentation without exiting the app. ● ● On the Windows Taskbar , point to the PowerPoint button to display thumbnails of all open presentations, point to the thumbnail of the presen- tation you want to close, and then click the Close button that appears in its upper-right corner. Compatibility with earlier versions The Microsoft Office 2016 programs use file formats based on XML. By default, PowerPoint 2016 files are saved in the .pptx format. You can open a .ppt file created with an earlier version of PowerPoint in PowerPoint 2016, but the newer features of PowerPoint are not available. The presentation name appears in the title bar with [Compatibility Mode] to its right. You can work in this mode, or you can convert the presentation to the current format by clicking the Convert button on the Info page of the Back- stage view, or by saving the presentation as a different file in the PowerPoint Presentation format. If you work with people who are using a version of PowerPoint earlier than 2007, you can save your presentations in a format that they will be able to use by changing the Save As Type setting in the Save As dialog box to PowerPoint 97-2003 Presentation.


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